Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Power, Suits, Westworld, Supergirl, Animal Kingdom, 12 Monkeys, Black Lightning and More

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Question: Please, please, please, do you have anything you could tease about Westworld? —Angel
Ausiello: Dial back the pleases a notch, please. Sunday’s episode features what seems to be multiple deaths of major characters. But this is Westworld, so please take that with a grain of salt, please.

Timeless Renewed Cancelled RatingsQuestion: How long do you think we are going to have to wait for a decision on Timeless? —Cheryl
Ausiello: Your guess is as good as mine, Cheryl. But I have a bad — bad, I tell ya! — feeling NBC is going to do a Friday-night-before-a-regular-summer-weekend news dump and Timeless‘ cancellation is going to be embedded in the middle of it. Weird. I just felt a tidal wave of déjà vu wash over me.

Question: Power Season 5 scoop, please. —Tanya
Ausiello: “We have a huge special guest coming,” showrunner Courtney Kemp tells TVLine, hinting that the Starz drama’s visitor is of the magnitude of Anika Noni Rose, who played Jukebox last season. “It’s a level like that. It’s so big. It’s going to be this giant, big splash,” she adds. “People are going to be bowled over at the performance — it’s not just who it is, it’s the level of the performance. The performance is sick.” When we ask if maybe the guest star might be someone from outside the acting world — perhaps one of series co-creator 50 Cent’s music-business acquaintances? — Kemp merely says, “You’re not going to expect this from this person.” Commence speculation in the comments!

Question: Will you please grace us with a Suits spoiler? —Lindsey
Ausiello: I’ve got two words for you: The first one’s “pregnancy” and the second one’s “twist.”

Question: When does The Last Ship come back on TV? —Jill
Ausiello: TNT has yet to confirm a final season premiere date (despite a meme that is making rounds), but I instead can offer this teaser from Bridget Regan, as told to Matt Mitovich: “We do jump ahead, again, quite a lot of time — which we did for Season 4, which I liked. It shows that the writers are only showing you the really exciting stuff that’s happening in this world. The actual nuts and bolts of spreading the new, healthy crop, feeding people… we skip past that until we come up to our next big challenge.”

Question: Is there any chance for Cole and Cassie to get a happy ending on 12 Monkeys? —Katie
Ausiello: Showrunner Terry Matalas warns, “It’s a war story. And it’s a complicated one that, really, from the onset, doesn’t seem to dictate a happy ending. But you’ve just got to wait and see.”

Question: Excited for the Fosters spinoff. Any intel? —Jen
Ausiello: Callie’s decision to take the clerkship with a conservative judge (played by Roger Bart) is “going to come back to haunt her” in the Fosters spinoff Good Trouble, executive producer Joanna Johnson reveals, adding, “[She’s] forced to bite her tongue at times when her politics and her ideology is different from his. It’s going to be harder than she imagined it would be, and sometimes she’s going to question if she did the right thing.”

Question: I’m obsessed with The Bold Type. Any scoop on the new season? —Jason
Ausiello: Kat’s parents aren’t the only family members viewers will be introduced to this season. In Episode 9, “Sutton goes home, and we meet her mom [played by Heroes Reborn‘s Rya Kihlstedt],” showrunner Amanda Lasher previews. “She gets an opportunity to travel, and she has to go home so she can get her passport.”

Question: Anything on Animal Kingdom? —Luke

Ausiello: The Codys aren’t exactly known for their hospitality, so it probably won’t come as a shock that Pope rolls the welcome mat up rather than out when Denis Leary makes his debut as Deran’s dad Billy in Tuesday’s “Wolves” (9/8c, TNT). But what is sure to come as a surprise is the incentive Pope gets not to kick the bum to the curb.

Question: I have a question for Black Lightning: What’s in store for ThunderGrace next season? Will we get to see any more development of Anissa and Grace’s relationship? —Latisha
Ausiello: Nafessa Williams actually weighs in on Anissa’s romantic future — and why Grace Choi (played by Chantal Thuy) went AWOL — in our video Q&A with her and TV sis China Anne McClain. (Jump to the 1:15 mark.)

Question: Anything on Supergirl? —Stacy
Ausiello: I hear producers are engaged in a worldwide casting search for an actress to play the new transgender character that’s being added to the show next season. As you probably heard, the newbie’s name is (tentatively) Nia Nal and she’ll be joining the Catco investigative reporting squad.

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