RuPaul's Drag Race Recap: Ameri-can You Believe That Ending?

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap

The four queens remaining in Drag Race‘s 10th season have proven their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent — but what about their patriotism?

Thursday’s penultimate episode tasked Eureka, Aquaria, Kameron Michaels and Asia O’Hara with writing and performing individual verses for RuPaul’s “American,” a challenge some queens handled better than others. (The minute Ru promised them the “most difficult choreography of the season,” I knew we were in trouble.)

And returning guest mentor Todrick Hall was not messing around this time, calling Aquaria out for singing too “butchy,” Asia for her lack of rhythm, and Kameron for… actually, Todrick didn’t have much to say about Kameron, save for “f–k the crack!” when her voice faltered on a high note. All four queens brought their A-games come showtime, even Eureka, who made up for her “crazy trollop” dancing with a generous serving of hairography — and in an insane pair of “Polly Pocket-ass heels,” no less.

Frankly, though, all of the girls deserve kudos. Not only were their moves on point, but their lyrics were powerful and spoke to each of their personalities. If I was a first-time Drag Race viewer, I’d probably think they all have an equal shot at the crown.

This week’s big drama came courtesy of Asia, who began the episode by issuing an apology to Miz Cracker for saying she’s “not a star,” before doing a 180 and targeting Eureka for total nonsense reasons. (She just wants to be the first big-girl winner? She just wants bragging rights? Um… duh! What would Asia do with her victory, cure diseases?)

She even picked a fight — albeit a playful one — with Eureka when she was “pressuring” Kameron to sing in front of everyone. At least it inspired Eureka to deliver one of the best lines of the night: “I know Asia likes to be very motherly, but sometimes I’m like, ‘Mama, let the kids play. Sit down and tease your hair, bitch.'”

Not unlike the unanimously successful performance round, all of the queens — Aquaria looking Midnight Barbie beautiful, Asia serving us “Queen Tut reborn,” Kameron dressed like a cotton candy dream and Eureka in a tight white dress literally with her name on it — received high praises for their stunning looks. (Come to think of it, maybe they do have an equal shot at this thing.)

After asking each of the queens why they deserve to be America’s next drag superstar — personally, I found Eureka’s message of proving that “being way too much can be good” to be the most compelling — Ru shook things up with a four-way lip sync battle to her own “Call Me Mother.”

Maybe it was the fact that each of the queens’ voiceovers were layered over the lip sync, so much so that we barely saw their performances, but it was pretty obvious that no one was going to be sent home this week. And sure enough, she let all four through to the grand finale.

Your thoughts on this week’s (not entirely surprising) outcome? Vote for the queen you would have booted below, then drop a comment with your critiques.