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The Bold Type Premiere: Did Sutton Choose Business or… Pleasure?

The Bold Type Recap

The women of The Bold Type, fittingly, made some bold moves in Tuesday’s two-hour Season 2 premiere.

The Bold Type SpoilersFor fashion assistant Sutton, a new corporate policy meant that she and her lawyer ex Richard could now openly date (after first filling out some HR paperwork). He was all for signing the consensual relationship agreement, but Sutton hesitated, with good reason, arguing, “You’re a board member. You’re 15 years older than me. I’m an assistant. I make in a year what you take home in a week. You know what people will say.” When Richard pointed out that she was walking away from someone who loves her, Sutton didn’t waver, replying, “It’s a gamble. All of it. But I’m putting my money down on my career and believing that love will fall in place.” Richard, however, couldn’t feel “more opposite than that right now,” so they won’t be sneaking around again, either.

“[Sutton] realizes that she’s always going to be seen as Richard’s girlfriend if she, as an assistant, dates a board member,” showrunner Amanda Lasher explains. “So she chooses her career over Richard, and then has to contend with that decision.”

Since both Sutton and Richard have to continue working in the same building, you can absolutely expect some awkward moments. “They have front-row seats to seeing each other moving on in their lives — or trying to move on, at least,” Lasher notes. And now that the stylist is single, “we definitely see Sutton dating a little bit,” Lasher says. “But she is more on a career trajectory this season.”

The Bold Type RecapSpeaking of careers, Jane’s might already be over at Incite. Her profile on a young female entrepreneur turned into a nightmare after her editor rewrote it as a hit piece. Jane called up the businesswoman to say she was sorry about the article. When the apology became a viral meme, Jane’s boss sent her on a mini-media tour to save face — then fired her because she didn’t feel Jane represented Incite well. So will the young writer find herself back at her old gig, or will she explore other job opportunities? “Jane faces a lot of challenges… and failure… this season, but at the core, she is a Scarlet girl,” Lasher hints.

Elsewhere in the opener, Kat got a promotion and got serious with her first girlfriend Adena. And while her pals Jane and Sutton are “Kadena” ‘shippers, “[Kat] definitely faces some challenges trying to figure out ways to be both a good friend and a good partner,” Lasher previews. “We’re going to see her explore that in Episode 3.”

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