Shadowhunters Boss: Fans Will Be 'Deeply Satisfied' by Series Finale

Shadowhunters Series Finale

One week has passed since Freeform announced Shadowhunters‘ earlier-than-expected end date, and while fans continue to fear the worst, executive producer Todd Slavkin assures them they’ll get the series finale they deserve.

In response to a fan who tweeted, “We want time to develop characters and stories so well that it feels right when it has to end,” Slavkin offered the following response on Tuesday night:

Slavkin’s choice to mention several ‘ships in his tweet supports the idea that those three couples (Magnus and Alec, Clary and Jace, and Simon and Izzy) will all get relatively happy endings.

This is a stark — and far more hopeful — departure from the “shocked and saddened” message Slavkin tweeted last week, shortly after news broke that Shadowhunters will get a two-hour finale movie in lieu of a Season 4 renewal. (That movie comes in addition to the remaining 10 episodes of Season 3, which have already been filmed.)

Slavkin also recently tweeted about watching what was supposed to be the show’s third season finale, which will now serve as a launching pad for the two-hour sendoff.

Karey Burke, Freeform’s EVP of Programming and Development, previously explained that the network was “very happy” with the show’s creative direction, adding that the show’s cancellation was “purely economic.”

Freeform’s new strategy of ordering shows with smaller episode counts (i.e. seasons with 10 episodes vs. 20 or more) ended what Deadline calls a “valuable Netflix output deal with the network’s co-production partner, Germany-based Constantin Film.” According to Burke, Freeform “went back and forth with them but ultimately we just couldn’t make the economics work.”

How are you feeling about Shadowhunters‘ exit plan, now that you’ve had a week to let it sink in? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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