Supergirl Recap: It's the End of the World (Well, Earth-38) As We Know It

Supergirl Recap

In hindsight, Kara was foolish to think she’d actually stopped Reign once and for all. (We’re not at the season finale yet, lady!)

Following the reveal of Selena’s treachery — which, again, we all should have seen coming based on her name alone — Kara, Mon-El and Alura searched desperately for a way to get back to Earth on Monday’s Supergirl, a mission which became even more time-sensitive when the Kryptonian witches arrived at the DEO in search of “the blood of our sisters.”

When it came to defending the joint, Alex did most of the heavy lifting, utilizing every function of her new suit as she nearly singlehandedly fended off the coven. Kara & Co. eventually made it back by way of her father’s portal, but not soon enough to prevent poor Demos from being burnt to a crisp. (Seriously, when will TV characters learn that just standing there yelling “Nooooo!” accomplishes nothing?)

As much as I’d love to tell you (and Winn) that Demos’ death wasn’t in vain, it absolutely was. After all, the witches got exactly what they needed, using the blood to conjure Reign independently from Sam’s body.

And speaking of Sam, she volunteered to return to the Dark Valley and cut off Reign’s power source, but given that Reign is already well on her way to the center of the planet’s core, sword in hand, I’m not exactly resting easy. The end is nigh, y’all.

Elsewhere this week…

* The time came for J’onn and his father to perform the “reach” ceremony, prompting a tearful goodbye from Alex. “There is no need for watering of the eyes, child,” M’yrnn told her. “All of life is change.” (I feel like I need to have that embroidered on a pillow.) And even though the ceremony was cut short, with M’yrnn volunteering to sacrifice himself to stop Reign, it was a lovely sequence while it lasted.

* In other parent-child bonding news, I enjoyed Alura telling Kara, “The connection between you [and Mon-El] is obvious. He makes you happy. Do you love him?” It was such a classic prying mom moment, yet it still felt true to who Alura is.

* Speaking of Alura, I loved her new suit. What are we calling her, Supermom?

* Was I the only one surprised by Demos’ hostility towards Winn? “That wasn’t as satisfying as I imagined,” Demos said after punching Winn to test out his newest defense technology. “And I’ve imagined it.” (R.I.P.!)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Hopes and/or fears for next Monday’s season finale? Drop ’em in a comment below.