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Younger Cast Reacts to 'Bold' Premiere Twist: 'Everything's in Shambles Now'

Younger Recap Season 5 Premiere

Stop in the name of spoilers: This article reveals the final twist of Younger‘s fifth season premiere. Proceed at your own risk.

Well, friends, it finally happened. After Liza led a crusade to end the career of legendary lothario Edward L.L. Moore, the disgraced author turned to Charles with some very interesting information about his “26-year-old” employee, leaving him in a state of shock and, as Peter Hermann puts it, disbelief.

“In those moments, it’s human to firmly still believe that it’s not true,” Hermann tells TVLine. “It cannot be true. I know this person to be the person she says she is, but here’s all this stuff contradicting that. It’s a combination of disbelief, anger, betrayal and an overabundance of calculus going on in his head.”

Though it wasn’t the ideal way for Charles to find out, Sutton Foster says she’s “really excited” that he’s finally in the know.

“There were rumors that it was possibly going to happen at the end of last season, and when it didn’t, I was like, ‘OK,'” she recalls. “Then they put it right at the beginning of the season, which I think is bold and ballsy. [Liza and Charles’] relationship is inevitable, so we’re getting this out of the way, as opposed to it coming in Season 6. … “But Liza also doesn’t know he knows, since she’s not the one who told him. We go a while before I know that he knows. It’s so much fun.”

Moving forward, Hermann says that Charles will need to “re-edit everything from the first moment he met Liza. Nothing is what he thought it was. … Everything is in shambles now. We are at zero.”

Several of Foster and Hermann’s co-stars share in their excitement over this long-awaited twist.

“I’m relieved,” Debi Mazar (aka Maggie) tells TVLine. “Obviously this is a modern-day soap opera, but I don’t understand why it has to be such a big deal. Who cares if she lied? Women lie about their age all the time!”

And even though Diana remains one of the few characters unaware of Liza’s real age, a part of Miriam Shor feels like her character has always known: “I love the idea of her being like, ‘Whatever you need to do to make it in this business, I’m behind it. Just get my f–ing coffee!'”

What was your reaction to Charles (finally!) learning the truth? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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