Younger Cast Previews Major #MeToo Scandal in Season 5: 'It Affects Absolutely Everything'

Younger Season 5 Spoilers

Sutton Foster‘s character may be in a love triangle with two married men (“Context is important,” she reminds us!) when Younger returns for Season 5, yet Liza Miller’s hot mess of a love life is not the most dramatic aspect of the TV Land series. For once.

Premiering Tuesday (TV Land, 10/9c), Younger‘s fifth season adds a generous scoop of #MeToo to the mix, causing the characters — and the audience — to do “a lot of reflecting,” Foster tells TVLine. Upping the stakes even further, Foster says the potential perpetrator is a “major character who’s been there all along. It affects absolutely everything.”

Adds co-star Peter Hermann, “Between Seasons 3 and 4, we had the election, and between 4 and 5, we had #MeToo and #TimesUp. We come back to a different world and a different show. And the show takes itself to task for behavior that we excused at the time with all the same bulls–t everybody uses to excuse bad male behavior. You can’t underestimate how hard it is to weave that into a romantic comedy.”

Echoing those sentiments, Hilary Duff notes, “Our writers are so good at weaving current events into the show in a comedic way. This season is the biggest in terms of all these things coming to a head.”

Read on for more teases TVLine got from the cast about what’s going down in Season 5…

JOSH | Though Josh doesn’t officially appear in Tuesday’s premiere, Liza’s ex-boyfriend is very much a part of Season 5, and as teased in the trailer, Nico Tortorella says fans can look forward to “a lot of crying” on his part. Trouble in paradise, perhaps? Tortorella won’t say, but like many fans, he’s still reeling from the events of last season’s finale. “The episode ended in the middle of his wedding, so we don’t know what happened after that at the reception,” he notes. “I really thought Season 5 would open right there, but it doesn’t.” Still, he’s not the least bit shocked that Josh went through with the wedding, even after visiting Liza’s room the night before. “Josh making huge steps in the name of love doesn’t surprise me,” he says.

KELSEY | “They have a respect for each other, but they also have the same drive to get ahead,” Duff says of Kelsey and Zane’s “torturous” relationship in Season 5. “They’re still constantly trying to walk out doors first.” And while their romance is far from over, Duff says, “Kelsey’s had a few other little things going on.” (“Key word: little,” adds Charles Michael Davis.) “My more ‘wild’ stuff this season is with Lauren as I help her with all of her antics,” Duff teases.

MAGGIE | After four seasons of lending Liza a shoulder to cry on, Maggie will soon find herself in need of a sympathetic ear. “She’s hitting a crossroads, emotionally, which isn’t easy,” Debi Mazar says. “It’s heavy stuff, not necessarily funny. This season, I’ve had to crack a joke, then quickly turn around and start crying. Like, shedding liquid — on my face.” Though she can’t reveal any more than that, Mazar says she’s constantly bugging the writers to reunite Maggie and Lauren. And speaking of her ex-girlfriend…

LAUREN | You’ll be happy to know that Kelsey’s bestie is doing “much better” this season than last. (Remember when she was living at the Nest?) Molly Bernard is especially excited for fans to see “this episode where [Lauren] hosts an edible makeup party. She has a gender-fluid assistant, and it’s very funny watching her school all the oldies.”

Lastly, a few out-of-context quotes you can look out for in the coming weeks…

* In what Duff calls “the funniest episode” of season, Lauren asks to show Kelsey something, to which Kelsey replies, “Lauren, if it’s porn, I can’t, it’s too early. I can’t handle lady squirts right now!” (“I can’t believe I had to say that,” Duff tells TVLine. “I’m going to die a million times.”)

* Davis’ favorite out-of-context line is: “We’re competing with Russian hookers and golden showers.” (Any guesses what that one’s about?)

* As for Foster, she tells us, “I had to think of about 8,000 different ways to say ‘diarrhea’ in one scene.” Get excited!

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