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Famous in Love EP Breaks Down Those Finale Cliffhangers: 'All Bets Are Off'

Famous In Love Recap

Freeform’s Famous in Love wrapped its second season on Wednesday with another appropriately Hollywood ending — though not necessarily a happy one.

A quick recap of the hour: Though she hasn’t left yet, Paige decided to enroll in the University of Oregon as a theater major (“If Hollywood is meant to be, it’ll still be there when I finish college”); Rainer celebrated the critics’ praise of Locked by kissing Paige on the studio lot; after being nominated for an Oscar, Jordan found out he isn’t facing jail time; Jake and Billy finally gave into temptation; and Alexis’ scheme to get her reality show cancelled ended with her being trapped in a psych ward.

As for this season’s big cliffhanger, the episode ended with a furious Pablo kicking down Tangey’s hotel room door after he accused her of cheating on him with Jordan. Speaking of Jordan, the Oscar nominee ran to her rescue… so who did the paramedics bring that stretcher for?

Below, executive producer Marlene King breaks down the finale’s biggest twists and offers a glimpse at what Season 3 might hold:

TVLINE | Let’s start with that sequence of Paige in the plane, which we first saw in the pilot. It felt like a very full-circle moment, but why now?
Even though we’re only doing 10-episode seasons, it’s been a year and a half — almost two years — since the events of the pilot, so I didn’t want to take any more time than this.

TVLINE | What’s more likely to happen between seasons: A time jump so Paige can finish college, or her changing her mind and staying in LA?
All bets are off. The writers’ room did a great job of leaving us with a ton of cliffhangers that will pay off fairly early next season.

TVLINE | Have you heard about a third season?
Well, I hope everybody watches tonight live — or as soon as possible — so we can get our pickup.

TVLINE | I mean, if you don’t get picked up, I shudder to think of what’ll happen to poor Alexis in the psych ward.
Right? We can’t leave her there forever!

TVLINE | Of all the twists in the finale, one of the most surprising was Paige and Rainer’s kiss. I’d kind of forgotten about their relationship.
But I don’t think they forgot about each other. Coming off their trip to New York and those stolen looks they had with each other, I thought there was no way Rayner would let this moment go without reminding us of their chemistry. I get goosebumps when I think about it. As a fan of this show, I just wanted him to grab her and kiss her. All of those characters are so raw right now in this episode, that both of those characters wanted to connect with each other.

TVLINE | Jake and Billy’s kiss was less surprising, considering how that tension has been building.
I love that character. She tried to keep the balance, but with their chemistry and where they were in their lives create this undeniable hole that can be filled with their relationship.

TVLINE | Are you hoping people warm up to the idea of Jake and Billy as a couple?
Jake’s taking a lot of heat online right now. He was such a good guy in Season 1, and we really wanted to give [Charlie DePew] the chance to make some mistakes with his character. I think he really rose to the occasion; it’s been fun watching him not play the perfect boy next door.

TVLINE | Sloane and Harper were both great additions this season. Will they back in a potential third season, given how busy both actresses are?
Yeah, we’ve sort of made arrangements for their characters to continue if they’re a part of the story. I don’t think either of them will go away completely. Both actresses are great to work with and they’re both great assets to the show.

TVLINE | I know you won’t tell me who it is, but do you know who ends up in the stretcher?
We do. We’ve outlined the broad strokes of Season 3, so we know where it starts and how it ends — shall our fans insist upon a Season 3 for us, and I hope it will.

TVLINE | Of all the characters you’re breaking story for, whose are you most excited to tell?
All of them. I can’t pick. I’m so excited for where we take the show in Season 3. We pitched it to the network and the studio and they were over the moon. So fingers crossed. Season 1 established who we were, Season 2 let us really dive into these characters, and in Season 3, we get to take them even further down the rabbit hole.

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