Timeless Video: Lucy Wakes Up in Flynn's Room in Deleted Scene

Timeless Deleted Scene

After giving the “Lyatt” ‘shippers a swoon-worthy deleted kiss, the Timeless writers’ room is now offering “Flucy” fans a treat.

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In the deleted scene below from the episode “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes,” Lucy wakes up in Flynn’s quarters after a night of just chitchat, as viewers already know. But for a brief moment, Flynn teases Lucy that she was “a gentle and responsive lover.”

“I wasn’t that drunk,” Lucy swiftly replies. Her former foe reassures her that nothing happened before good-naturedly noting the look of horror on her face. But the idea of the two connecting isn’t as crazy as it sounds. After all, they’ve both lost their families to Rittenhouse, and are alone in their pain, Flynn points out. Lucy then makes her awkward exit, thanking Flynn for “the coffee and the… just talking.”

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As explained by the Timeless writers’ room, the scene was trimmed for time, and because “it worked better to keep it a mystery longer what happened between Lucy and Flynn the night before.”

Press PLAY to watch the exchange, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the unexpected friendship. (And no, there’s still no word on Season 3.)