NCIS Recap: Shrink Unwrapped — Plus, Whose Life Is in Jeopardy This Finale?

NCIS Finale Vance Kidnapped

The Season 15 finale of CBS’ NCIS put the spotlight on Special Agent “Jack” Sloane, who was haunted by a voice from her terribly dark past. When all was said and done, whose life was in limbo at the close of this year’s finale?

While McGee, Torres and Bishop investigated a bomb threat aboard a Navy destroyer (it was the captain’s son, who wanted Dad to stay in port long enough to attend his graduation — awww!), Sloane went on a blind-ish date with a friend of Delilah’s. And despite arranging for a “bail-out call” from Bishop, Sloane’s night was going pretty swimmingly… until the voice of a man standing behind her at the bar sent chills down her spine.

When he turned, she looked deep into his eyes and accused him of being, she would later explain to Vance, “The Monster” — the man who tortured her and her team over a decade ago in Afghanistan. (Vance famously led the operation that found and rescued Sloane and one other survivor.) Though she never saw his face, Sloane remembered her torturer’s slick English accent, his eyes and the smell of his cologne. Vance came to Sloane’s rescue when the police detained her, after went swinging at the guy and lobbed a wine bottle at him as he dashed out the bar. Worse, it turns out he is a diplomat of some sort.

Sloane aims (or at least pretends to) make amends when the man, Nigel Hakim (played by Bones‘ Pej Vahdat), and a rep for the British embassy visited NCIS to get an apology. Instead, Sloane A) beckoned him to say the word “infidels” and 2) pulled him close so she could sniff his cologne. That make-nice was… not so nice.

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Vance tries to give Sloane the benefit of a doubt, but she’s looking increasingly off-the-rails. Especially since “The Monster” was among the casualties of a years-ago drone strike. Or was he? A bit conveniently, Vance learns that the remains found after that strike were never identified via DNA, so The Monster could still be alive. And now making Nigel Hakim look quite guilty is the fact that he suddenly booked a charter jet out of town, to England.

Sloane goes solo to confront Hakim, but is joined at the airstrip by Gibbs and the team — only to learn that the jet they stormed on the tarmac was just a decoy! Hakim, instead, hopped on another jet and is now in the air over the ocean, having kidnapped Vance, the “hero” who years ago saved Sloane from his brutal abuse.