Tremors: Watch the Crazy Trailer for the Sequel Series Syfy Didn't Pick Up

Tremors Syfy Trailer Kevin Bacon

You feel that just now? That’s the aftershocks of a trailer dropping for a Tremors sequel series we’ll never get to see.

Back in April, Syfy decided to pass on a pilot for a TV continuation of the 1990 cult horror film — even with Kevin Bacon returning to star as killer-worm fighter Valentine McKee. But thanks to an intrepid Internet poster going by the name “Valentine McKee” (heh), we can now watch a trailer for the abandoned series:

The trailer flashes back to 1990 (to the boss tune of Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory”), when the desert town of Perfection, Nevada was originally invaded by flesh-eating worms known as “Graboids” that set off tremors by crawling underground. Now, nearly 30 years later, Valentine is remembered as a hero; there’s even a statue of him riding a Graboid like a bucking bronco. But he believes the Graboids are back, and accuses doubting townsfolk of burying their heads in the sand — “which, if I’m right, is a really stupid place to put your heads!”

We quickly learn that Valentine is right, when a woman tries to stay silent but gets dragged to her death anyway in a tense, Quiet Place-like scene. The town gears up to fight back… but their gear might be out of date, as one man learns when he tries to fire a rocket launcher and the rocket falls to the ground harmlessly. Valentine has a dire warning for his fellow humans about the Graboids: “They don’t plan, they don’t strategize… they just kill.”

Press PLAY above to see what could’ve been, then hit the comments and weigh in: Should Syfy have picked up the Tremors sequel series?

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