The Flash Recap: Will the Wisdom of the Crowd Be DeVoe's Undoing?

Flash Recap Season 4

This week on The Flash, the theme was “attacking problems from a different direction” — which led to epiphanies for Harry and Caitlin, and foretold a big assist triggered by Iris.

Having deduced how The Thinker plans to unleash The Enlightenment, the team has been left to wonder why their foe hasn’t launched his satellites yet. To help crack that mystery, Harry enlists The Council of Wells, but Herr Wells disses his doppelgänger upon learning he’s now a “dum-dum.” Cisco responds by rounding up The Council of Harrisons — the Hugh Hefner-like H. Wells (who also got booted by the brainier council), Earth-24’s Sonny Wells and Earth-25’s Harrison H.P. Wells, a French poet. They counsel Harry to better understand DeVoe’s actions (or inaction) by understanding his heart, and then leave. Harry deems the meet-up a colossal waste of time, before considering their advice further and putting it to use….

Barry and Caitlin meanwhile went looking for Amunet, to recruit her as an unlikely ally — the thinking being that she could blast The Thinker’s satellites out of the sky with her non-tech shards. But Amunet has gone missing, snake-eyed Norvock reveals. Digging into Amunet’s pre-meta background/identity, they track “Leslie Jocoy” to a seemingly benign bodega, only to discover a backroom casino within. There, Amunet is lying low as an American-accented bartender. Returning with Barry and Caitlin to S.T.A.R. Labs, Amunet agrees to assist the team if they can figure out who broke into her storage unit and made off with her larger supply of illicit shards as well as the transmodular genetic splicer that Caitlin hopes can bring back Killer Frost.

Realizing that Norvock stole his boss’ goods, The Flash and Amunet each crash Snake Eye’s sale of the shards. As Joe and Caitlin get into a shootout with the buyer’s goons,  Norvock spritzes Barry with venom and uses a new gizmo to “disarm” Amunet. Joe and Caitlin team up to drop an iceberg on the goons and then unlock the stash of shards, which Amunet makes quick use of to put Norvock’s head in a metal cage. Barry phases through the venom to stop Amunet from killing her underling, though she insists on lopping off his eye snake. Amunet then bails on the deal she made with Team Flash — she won’t stick around to shoot down any satellites — but leaves them with a shard grenade to help them toward their goal.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco gets to mulling ways to launch the shard grenade; Caitlin realizes that since Amunet’s splicer tech was bogus, she must look inside her head to find Killer Frost; and Harry’s utilization of the Harrisons’ advice leads him to realize that DeVoe has been immobilized by the loss of what he loves most — his wife, whom the team will now set out to find.

And they just may get a big assist from the city. For at episode’s end, Barry gives Iris the go-ahead to publish her in-depth expose on DeVoe’s insidious plan — and moments after it goes live, reports are pouring in on DeVoe sightings. “He can’t hide anymore,” Barry excitedly notes.

What did you think of the episode “Harry and the Harrisons”?

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