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The Originals: Elijah Makes a French Connection — But What Happens Next?

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If you felt this season of The Originals has been severely lacking in Vitamin E(lijah) up to this point, Wednesday’s episode was probably a welcome change of pace.

Directed by series star Joseph Morgan, the episode began by taking us back to the first day of Elijah’s new life — which, unfortunately, didn’t come with an instruction manual. So Elijah had to figure out this whole “vampire” thing for himself, the process of which was messy. And painful. Especially for the poor, unsuspecting gas station attendant he murdered before stealing his truck.

In fact, it wasn’t until he made the acquaintance of a stunning New York-based vampire named Antoinette that Elijah even began to get his cravings in check. Under her tutelage, he not only learned how to choose his victims carefully, but also how to avoid tainting their blood with fear. (Fear is basically the blue raspberry of the blood world. It’s no one’s first choice.)

She also taught him the importance of fully accepting himself as a vampire, which meant he had to ditch anything — including his daylight ring! — that helped him pretend like he was still part of the human race. “Most wear the rings and mingle with the humans as if nothing happened,” she explained. “As if we never died. But we did. And we can’t forget that.”

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Yes, all was finally right in Elijah’s life; he even followed Antoinette to France, where he proposed. But because history always repeats itself for this damn family, it wasn’t long before Klaus showed up to tear down his brother’s happiness. “I’m taking my brother home tonight,” he informed Antoinette as she was foraging for celebratory champagne. (Fortunately, she’d been taking vervain, so his compulsion had no effect on her.)

And even though he’d spent the past five years wondering who he was and where he came from, Elijah was not about to return home with Klaus. “I know exactly who I am,” Elijah told him. “I don’t have all the memories, but I know all about you, Rebekah, Kol, Freya, Hope — and even Hayley. And I don’t care about any of you.” Simply put, “Elijah Mikaelson is dead.”

Then came yet another twist: Antoinette admitted that she knew who Elijah was the whole time! “The stories about your family are legendary,” she said. “I’m sorry that I lied, but I wasn’t the only one carrying around a secret.”

Recognizing this very fair point, Elijah basically doubled down on his commitment to Antoinette. Hayley Marshall is “someone Elijah Mikelson used to love, once upon a time,” he told her. “That was another lifetime. I can’t imagine loving anyone else.”

This was followed by a second proposal, which Antoinette happily accepted “a thousand times.” (Is it weird that I’m already 100-percent supportive of this couple? Sure, we’ve only known Antoinette for one episode, but she and Elijah basically got as much screen time together as he and Hayley have in the past few seasons combined. Besides, it’s nice to see Elijah happy for a change.)

So, what’s next, you ask? We posed that question to executive producer Julie Plec, who revealed that we have not seen the last of Antoinette — for better or worse.

“Elijah’s love for her, which is very pure, becomes an obstacle as his family keeps trying to infiltrate his life and become determined to get back the old Elijah,” Plec says. “And, of course, the old Elijah is the Elijah that was in love with Hayley. The question of where his heart really lies is going to be a big question.”

As for Daniel Gillies’ thoughts on where Elijah’s heart lies, that’s in TVLine’s new interview with the actor:

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