Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Legends, Walking Dead, Lucifer, Supernatural, NCIS, Once, Code Black, H50 and More

Are the Legends of Tomorrow getting a magical new roommate? Is a whisper campaign brewing on The Walking Dead? Should Lucifer not pick up the phone? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Any word on how Constantine will fit into Legends of Tomorrow next season? —Greg
The more pressing question may be how he fits into the Waverider, if at all. “I don’t know if I want to see John Constantine actually having to live on the ship, because he seems a little cooler than that,” says Legends EP Phil Klemmer. “I like the idea that he’s a bit of a lone wolf, so we’ll have to figure out where exactly he’s going to live. Like, what would his room even look like? I think he’s a bit too cool for school [to live on the Waverider], in a good way.”

Anything leftover to share about The Flash’s final episodes? –Anthony
In previewing the May 8 episode, titled “Harry and the Harrisons,” EP Todd Helbing explained that whereas The Council of Wells was “all about intelligence and being the smartest people in the universe,” The Council of Harrisons that Cisco rounds up to boost his colleague’s spirits “are ‘an emo version’ of the Council, so they teach Harry that there’s emotional intelligence that perhaps he should tap into.” And yes, this new council means new, fun performances by Tom Cavanagh. “Oh my God, it’s hilarious,” Helbing said with a hearty laugh. “There’s one in particular that he came up with that all of us loved.”

Once Upon Time Finale Emma Snow CharmingIt’s less than a month until Once Upon a Time’s series finale. Is there anything you can tease with regards to Snowing? –Katrina
Heck, at press time we are now less than three weeks away! So I better hurry out this excerpt from my chat with Josh Dallas. Teasing the key role that Charming and Snow play in the two-night finale, he said, “We’ve got some nice moments — ones that pay homage not only to Once as a whole, but to those two characters.” (Dallas, who squeezed the encore in while filming his NBC pilot in New York, also eased my mind by confirming that Prince Neal is, finally, no longer a baby. “He makes an appearance, and he’s about nine or 10.”)

Do you have anything on Sean Maguire’s return to Once Upon a Time? —–Sara
Lana Parrilla told me it was “a complete joy to have Sean back and to get to tell the Regina and Robin story again,” as the ABC series nears its very end. “I just love working with him, and I know how excited the fans will be when they see one of their favorite couples reunited.”

Can you tell us if there will be emotional McDanno moments in the upcoming Hawaii Five-0 episodes? –Mary
“Happy” is an emotion, right? Because I’m hearing that in the May 18 season finale, McGarrett and Danny get an unexpected savior in helping get Steve’s off the ground. And it’s a leap of faith neither of them expected to take.

Who makes the colorful shirts Chi McBride wears on Hawaii Five-0? —Stanley
Fun, a fashion Q! I’m flexible. The brand you’re looking for is Reyn Spooner.

Anything on The Walking Dead? —Carrie
New intel all but confirms that we’ll be getting to the Whisperers sooner than later. Season 9 casting is underway for girlfriends Yumiko and Magna, future Alexandrians who are not only prominent protagonists in Robert Kirkman’s comic-book series but in the war with the Saviors’ Big Bad successors, the Whisperers. However, still not so much as a peep about a search for the villains’ leader Alpha…

Will it be addressed on Supergirl that the Legion ring that’s been in the Fortress of Solitude since Season 1 is like the ring Mon-El wears? –Jen
I hand-delivered your Q to Chris Wood while I was on set for the filming of Episode 20, and he said, “I don’t know if the connection is made…. It hasn’t been yet!”

Anything on Tasha in the upcoming Blindspot episodes? –Audrey
Zapata’s confession of love to Reade may have temporarily derailed their friendship, but series creator Martin Gero promises the BFFs will bounce back before season’s end — and perhaps with more than just platonic feelings. “They’re going to get back to being best friends really quickly. That’s something they both need and miss,” Gero says. “Zapata has certainly made it uncomfortable for Reade, but without getting too much into it, I think everyone will be really happy with where that story’s going. There will be some really beautiful stuff coming.”

NCIS FalloutAny news about the NCIS season finale would be much obliged. —Marlone
Would you settle for a vittle from the penultimate episode, airing May 15? Because this exclusive photo of Palmer working undercover as a golfer — with Torres as his caddy! — has been burning a hole in my pocket.

Do you have anything on the “tragic phone call” that Lucifer receives in “Quintessential Deckerstar” (airing May 7)? –Paola
“All I can say is it was the most hotly debated moment in our writers room this season. Maybe any season,” shares co-showrunner Joe Henderson. “And when you see the episode, you’ll understand why.”

Who covered “In the Air Tonight” in the April 16 episode of Lucifer? –Sharon
That was Jon Howard.

What is happening with Chicago P.D.‘s Jay and Hailey? –Lisa
Nothing — at least this season. “The more time they spend together, the more these two respect each other as detectives and co-workers,” says showrunner Rick Eid. “But we’re not really focusing on their specific relationship [in] the last episodes. That might be something we dig into more in Season 6.” (It should be noted that P.D. hasn’t been officially renewed yet.) As for whether the partners have romantic potential, Eid says, “We think they have a great friendship and partnership. We’re open to seeing where that goes.”

Any scoop on the Chicago Med season finale? –Adriana
In addition to what we already teased in our May Sweeps Preview, “there is a professional thing that happens” with Connor and Ava, which is “a big thing,” co-showrunner Diane Frolov says. “That’s also a cliffhanger.”

SupernaturalI want Dean back on Supernatural — the good ol’, protective big brother Dean. Please tell me we’ll get some great brotherly moments soon! —JJ
Remember how star Jared Padalecki told us Sam would go through something “pretty harrowing and terrifying” in this Thursday’s episode? Well, Dean has a very emotional, big brother reaction to it. On the lighter side, you can look forward to some comedic scenes as the brothers, Cas and Gabriel awkwardly land in apocalypse world — let’s just say personal space is invaded — and Rowena does something that leaves the boys’ mouths agape.

Is Gary Cole exiting The Good Fight? Has his last episode aired? —Margaret
Nope, you will see more of him this season.

Anything on Code Black? –Leslie
In the May 9 episode, EP Michael Seitzman tells Inside Line, “two adult film actors get, um, stuck together. During a sex act.” (On the more PG-rated side of things, Ariel meets a boy who turns out to be a patient who has cancer.)

What was the song that played in the last few minutes of Code Black’s Season 3 premiere? —Claire
That was “Open Arms,” by John Ondrasik.

Any scoop on Elementary? –Kevin
The return of Joan’s half-sister Lin in this Monday’s episode marks the beginning of a big Season 6 journey for the P.I. “Joan will have a lot going on, personally,” executive producer Rob Doherty says. “Specifically, we are going to explore several of her family connections this year. We’re going to delve a little deeper into Joan’s family. We’ve talked a bit over the years about her father and his various afflictions that kept him out of her family for a very long time. We’re going to revisit that.” Plus, Joan will get reflective and “take a closer look at the things [she] feels she may be costing herself by living with her partner, working for the police, committing herself to their work to the degree that she does,” the EP adds. “We’re going to see her take stock and try to address the areas where she feels absences.”

Criminal Minds Spoilers Prentiss LeavingIs there any option for Criminal Minds to give us a resolution special [if cancelled] if not a full final season? Over a decade of fan loyalty should warrant some option for closure, right? –Fran
In theory, yes, and we’ve seen it happen at least once before with a CBS series, when CSI got a farewell movie the following fall. You just need to keep in mind that it’s neither easy nor cheap to “fire up the sets” again and bang out even a wrap-up movie. Heck, a show isn’t even allowed to pre-film the outcome of a season-ending cliffhanger, efficient as it would be, if it doesn’t have an official renewal in its hands.

As a huge fan of The Man in the High Castle, I have been anxiously awaiting any news on the Amazon series. Do you know when/if we can expect Season 3 to come out? –Kevin
I’m hearing that new episodes will land in your queue sometime this fall.

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