Arrested Development Boss Announces Season 4 'Remix' (He Fixed It!), Says Season 5 Is Coming 'Really Soon'

Arrested Development

Netflix is giving antsy Arrested Development fans the next best thing to a fifth season.

Series creator Mitch Hurtwitz on Tuesday took to social media to announce that a “remix” of Arrested‘s polarizing fourth season will be released this Friday, retelling the complicated story in a linear, easier-to-digest format. (Yes, this Friday — as in “Cinco De Cuatro” for those who celebrate).

In a two-part letter to the show’s fans, Hurwitz explained that “in between Season 4 and this upcoming Season 5, I had time to take that Rashomon-type story and recut it — shuffling the content from 15 individualized stories into 22 interwoven stories the lengths of the original series.” Hurwitz says he “pursued it as a comedic experiment to see if new jokes and new perspective would emerge from a remix that features all the Bluths in every episode, and where the simultaneity of the story plays out chronologically.” And he’s “really excited about the final result.”


For those who don’t speak fluent Arrested Development, here’s a quick refresher: Seven years after the show was canceled on Fox, Netflix brought it back for a fourth season — but the in-demand actors’ busy schedules made it difficult for them to film as a group, resulting in character-specific episodes, a sharp departure from the group dynamic that made the show a (cult) hit in the first place. That issue, it seems, has been retroactively eradicated through the magic of editing.

As for the show’s upcoming fifth season, Hurtwitz says it’s coming to Netflix “soon. Like real soon. Like, if you knew when, you would not be wrong to be thinking, ‘Why are we all just hearing about this now?'”

Will you re-watch the fourth season in its new, linear format? And what are your hopes for Season 5? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.