Supergirl Recap: God Complex

Supergirl Recap

Monday’s Supergirl found the good guys scrambling desperately for a way to stop Pestilence — though I was more concerned about Kara and Imra tearing each other apart first.

The Girl of Steel and the Lady of the Legion (coined it!) clashed on multiple occasions throughout the episode, especially in regards to their plan for the third Worldkiller. Already feeling that they went too far in their fight with Purity, Kara insisted that she would stop Pestilence by appealing to her human side, rather than killing her. Not murdering a future murderer was a hill that Kara was ready to die on — which is apparently exactly what would happen if they let Pestilence live, according to Imra.

I promise I’m still rooting for the good guys, but If I may stand atop my digital soapbox for a second… I’m not a fan of Supergirl’s stubborn, illogical no-kill policy. Several of her fellow superheroes from the actual future have explained (with evidence!) that hundreds of millions of people will die because of one person, yet the thought of wiping this *ahem* blight from the planet is crazy to Kara. And no amount of dead pigeons or friends and family members bleeding profusely from their noses could convince her otherwise.

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Imra was even kind enough to give Kara’s plan a shot, letting her “talk” to Pestilence (surprise: it didn’t work!) before literally pulling the trigger on her own plan. And even though Purity showed up in time to rescue her sister, at least shooting her provided Imra with enough of her DNA to reverse the sickness currently sweeping National City. Score one for #TeamLogic!

One thing our heroes couldn’t reverse, however, was the Worldkillers’ reunion; the episode ended with Kara rushing to Lena’s side and discovering that Sam is Reign… just in time to watch her fly off with Purity and Pestilence in tow.

Also worth discussing…

* Am I the only one who, even for a split second, thought Winn was actually (possibly) going to die? Winn’s tearful speech about how he’s lived a great life — not to mention how he could have been the next Steve Jobs, only it’s “too late” — sure fooled me. I’m glad he survived, but for what it’s worth, that would have been a solid death speech.

* J’onn’s storyline continues to break my heart, but as hard as it is to watch, I’m not looking forward to its conclusion.

* Generally speaking, this was a really good episode. It was exciting, and it piqued my interest for the rest of the season. More like this, please!

Your thoughts on this week’s Supergirl? Hopes and fears for the rest of Season 3? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.