Lucifer Recap: Bus Stop — Who Do You Think Will Pay for [Spoiler]'s Decision?

Lucifer Chloe Pierce Break Up

With its very first episode of May Sweeps, Fox’s Lucifer is set to already fill a couple of slots on TVLine’s scorecard.

For not only did Dan and Charlotte reaffirm their feelings/intentions (Couple Reuniting!), but there was a breakup that I’m going to guess left few fans broken up over.

Fresh off saying yes to Pierce’s proposal, Chloe took some days off to plan the wedding, which they had scheduled to happen in just three short weeks. Ella seized control of the bachelorette party and promptly recruited Maze as her partner in the planning of debauchery — except, Maze kept things extremely G-rated, so as to ensure that the engagement doesn’t go awry. (Tricked into thinking that Pierce still has his mark, Maze needs him to stay happy and motivated to help her get back to Hell.)

Luckily, Charlotte has her own agenda, conspiring as she is with Amenadiel to get Chloe together with Lucifer. So she, with Ella and Linda’s eager assistance, steered the proceedings in a decidedly naughtier direction, with a party bus, plentiful booze and, later, some water polo dudes willing to wag their wangs. Once Chloe was sufficiently lubricated with libations, Charlotte went about planting seeds of doubt in her mind — about her “type,” marrying a coworker again, the California divorce rate and such.

Maze may have brought the bus to a stop and ejected the water polo players, but Charlotte won this round. Because when Chloe met up with Pierce afterward, she apparently returned his ring, as Lucifer gleaned the following morning at the office.

Pierce, meanwhile, is not happy, judging by his glare from the top of the cop shop stairs as Chloe skipped off to chase a new case with Luci. And neither is Maze, who had confronted her “cohort” about his fake scar.

Remember, “big stuff is happening” during Lucifer‘s May Sweeps episodes and finale, co-showrunner Joe Henderson told TVLine, adding: “Not all of our characters are getting out alive. “

Who do you think will pay for Chloe’s changing of mind? And will Maze indeed get a piece of Pierce, once he’s done using a sleeping Trixie as a human shield?

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