Throwback Thursday

TVLine Mixtape Throwback Edition: Our Favorite Songs From Grey's Anatomy, Friends, The Sopranos and More

Grey's Anatomy Denny Death Izzie Chasing Cars

Don’t stop believin’, and hold on to that feeling… of when a new TVLine Mixtape comes out! 

This time, we’re throwing it back to some of our favorite songs from iconic TV moments. We’ve collected a six-pack of memorable TV tunes, complete with artist and album info so that you can add them into your permanent collection.

So peruse our playlist, and then hit the comments with your favorite TV jams! And remember: You can always submit questions or suggestions about TV music on Twitter @maggiekgorman.

SERIES AND EPISODE | Family Ties, “The Real Thing”
TITLE | “At This Moment”
ARTIST | Billy Vera & The Beaters
ALBUM | Billy & The Beaters (1981)
WHY IT ROCKED | Not only is this song associated with a turning point in Alex’s relationship with Ellen (played by Michael J. Fox’s future wife Tracy Pollan), it also helped push Vera’s career forward. Viewers demanded to know what beautiful song was playing in the background of one of their all-time favorite scenes.

SERIES AND EPISODE | Friends, “The One with the List”
TITLE | “With or Without You”
The Joshua Tree (1987)
This U2 tune sums up Ross’ unrelenting love for Rachel, even after he made that horrible list. Ross dedicates this song to Rachel after messing up big time. The song is heard again in the following season during their iconic “break,” as Ross sits in a bar, talking to the girl he would later spend the night with. They were on a break!

Grey's Anatomy Denny Death Izzie Chasing CarsSERIES AND EPISODE | Grey’s Anatomy, “Losing My Religion”
Chasing Cars”
 Snow Patrol
ALBUM | Eyes Open (2006)
 Grab some tissues, friends. After what seems like a successful heart transplant, Izzie’s fiancé Denny suffers a stroke and dies, leaving Izzie utterly devastated. This emotional ballad can’t help but bring you back to the first time you watched Izzie sobbing and clutching Denny in his hospital bed.

SERIES AND EPISODE The Sopranos, “Made in America”
TITLE | “Don’t Stop Believin”
ARTIST | Journey
ALBUM | Escape (1981)
WHY IT ROCKED | Don’t Stop Believin” was the perfect anthem to go along with the series finale (or anti-finale?) of the acclaimed HBO drama. Tony puts this song on the jukebox as his family joins him at the table for a plate of onion rings. Not only do the lyrics of the song coincide with what is on the screen, but the sentiment of the song matched that of the scene. This iconic song was — and still is — associated with that iconic cut to black.

SERIES AND EPISODE How I Met Your Mother, “Arrivederci, Fiero”
TITLE | “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”
ARTIST | The Proclaimers
ALBUM | Sunshine on Leith (1988)
As the only song that plays in Marshall’s beat-up Pontiac Fiero, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” becomes the anthem of all HIMYM road trips. Ted never got sick of the song… but did you?

SERIES AND EPISODE | Gossip Girl, “Pilot”
TITLE | “Young Folks”
ARTIST | Peter Bjorn and John
ALBUM | Writer’s Block (2006)
WHY IT ROCKED | XOXO. This tune plays over picturesque shots of New York City in the opening scene of the Gossip Girl pilot — a rather upbeat song for what will turn into a very dramatic series.