Blacklist EP Teases Liz's Major Family Reunion: It Will 'Blow Everything Up'

The Blacklist Season 5

Just when it seemed like Elizabeth Keen had unearthed all of her family’s dark secrets, The Blacklist threw yet another curveball at her: She’s got a half-sister.

After hinting for three years that Raymond Reddington has another child — a daughter he conceived with Naomi Hyland — the NBC drama finally introduced the young woman in its April 11 installment, leaving Liz stunned by her father’s secrecy. Again.

According to series creator Jon Bokenkamp, Jennifer Reddington’s arrival will throw a massive wrench into Liz’s revenge plan against Ian Garvey… just when she and Red were about to close in on him.

“The introduction of Jennifer is going to blow everything up,” Bokenkamp tells us of tonight’s episode (8/7c). “She’s been out there somewhere in the world, and finally, here she is. It’s a very inopportune time for Red, and a very opportune time, potentially, for Liz.”

Garvey, of course, is both Tom’s murderer and the keeper of the bones that Red so desperately wants to procure. But Jennifer has had a very different relationship with the man — a far less tortured one, at least — and Liz will attempt to use that history to her benefit.

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“[Jennifer] changes the complexion of the show in a way, and yet, we’re not interested in telling a story about two long-lost sisters,” Bokenkamp says. “Jennifer is going to be used in some ways by Liz, and she has some information. It’s going to make for some real great conflict as we push forward.”

Red, meanwhile, will spend tonight’s hour in continued pursuit of those bones, and viewers will get a few more clues as to why these remains are such a big deal to both Red and Garvey.

“Garvey has had the bones in this duffel bag since Episode 8, and he hasn’t gone to the press. He hasn’t gone to the FBI. He hasn’t used his leverage over Reddington, and we don’t know why,” Bokenkamp teases. “By virtue of the fact that he hasn’t made a move yet, that tells us there’s something else going on — and that ‘something else’ is going to shed even more light on the origins of Raymond Reddington, and, obviously, secrets that Reddington doesn’t want revealed.”