Big Bang Theory: 11 'Shamy' Wedding Teases (Amy's Parents Unmasked! Surprise [Spoiler]! Stuart's Date!)

Big Bang Theory Spoilers Wedding Sheldon Amy

Sheldon and Amy’s long-awaited Big Bang Theory wedding is still a few weeks out, but yours truly scored a ticket to the episode’s taping on Tuesday — and I’m dishing and telling 11 (relatively) non-spoilery teases.

* Previously announced guest stars Kathy Bates and Teller are, as had been rumored, playing Amy’s parents. (Bates succeeds Annie O’Donnell, who originated the role of Mrs. Fowler.)

* Jerry O’Connell — whose casting as Sheldon’s older brother was announced last month — will first turn up in Season 11’s penultimate half-hour on May 3, before returning for the nuptial-themed finale on May 10.

* Avengers: Infinity War gets a timely shout-out prior to the wedding.

* Mark Hamill was indeed there. And he was very popular.

* There’s a surprise pregnancy (but the mom-to-be is not one of the series’ three female regulars).

* William Shatner also gets a pre-wedding shout-out.

* Several scenes had to be pre-taped on Monday to accommodate Laurie Metcalf’s Broadway schedule (she’s currently starring in Three Tall Women).

* Sheldon references the Terminator franchise during a hilarious pre-wedding heart-to-heart with his bride-to-be.

* Sheldon’s bow tie comes into play in a significant way.

* Kevin Sussman‘s Stuart manages to find a date to the wedding, but his plus-one has an ulterior motive for attending.

* A member of the studio audience proposed to his girlfriend (a fellow Big Bang addict) during one of the breaks in taping. (She said a very, very tearful yes).

To find out what else goes down when Sheldon and Amy walk down the aisle, you’ll just have to RSVP to the Big Bang season finale — titled, fittingly, “The Bow Tie Asymmetry” — on Thursday, May 10 at 8/7c on CBS.

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