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Supergirl Duo Talks Kara and Mon-El's 'Clean Slate,' Previews the Martians' 'Emotional Journey' Moving Forward

Supergirl Recap

Monday’s Supergirl doubled as a long-overdue therapy session for the members of Kara’s inner circle — and they had a lot to get off their chests.

Let’s begin with the Girl of Steel, who — as a result of a psychic bleed brought about when M’yrnn attempted to treat his mental deterioration — finally had it out with that “lying jackass” Mon-El. In her state of heightened anger, she lashed out at him for disrespecting her at every turn. She also admitted to romanticizing their relationship, at which point they both settled on a “no more apologies” rule. (There were also some dead pigeons thrown into the mix, but they were really more of a Pestilence thing.)

“The way [Kara and Mon-El’s] relationship ended in Season 2, they never really had a chance to break up,” executive producer Robert Rovner told reporters at a screening of the episode. “Things that might have been said under other circumstances, they didn’t have the opportunity to say. We all felt it was important for Kara to get everything off her chest in order for them to move forward, [to start] a new friendship on a clean slate.”

Speaking of moving forward, Carl Lumbly detailed the “difficult” journey ahead of M’yrnn and J’onn as they struggle to accept what’s happening.

“Everything you know about yourself and have taken pride in is about to be snatched,” he said. “And the idea that your son is now put in the position of having to be a caregiver, all of these things create tension. … His mortality — or Martiality, I’m not sure — is difficult to accept.” (That’s right, Lumbly’s got jokes!) “To have a date on [your end] or to feel like it’s more imminent than you’ve ever had to think of it is very, very difficult.”

Added Rovner, “A lot of us in the writers’ room have dealt with dementia in our own lives, so we wanted to make that story very relatable. M’yrnn and J’onn will be facing circumstances that we feel a lot of children and their parents go through. One of the things I think is beautiful about the story is that the process of the rest of the season … will have a profound effect on J’onn. It’s a very emotional journey that [he and his father are] taking together.”

As for Sam, who’s finally beginning to understand (and accept) what’s wrong with her, she’s facing “the fight to hold onto herself and to figure this out so she can be a mother to her daughter,” Rovner said. “She’s very heroic about not succumbing to what we’re realizing is the other side of her.”

Moving forward, he teased, “Much of the rest of the season deals with the Worldkillers. What we saw in one of the previous episodes is: How do you save the world when saving the world means saving your friend? … It will take [everyone] in very exciting, different directions.” (Bonus scoop: the season finale is titled “Battles Lost and Won.”)

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