Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Dazed and Infused

Agents SHIELD Recap

Oh man, I was really into the second half of this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — like, perched on the edge of my seat and all. And then… it just kinda ended?

We had sweated out FitzSimmons’ attempt to delay the inevitable/buy some time, by dawdling with the repair work on the particle infusion chamber — until, that is, Ruby effectively hurried the “adorable” scientists by whaling on Fitz repeatedly, with Simmons next in line for a beating.

Then, once the machine was ready and headstrong Ruby insisted on merging with the gravitonium, well-founded horror stories be damned, the lass shook, rattled and roared inside the chamber, consuming a mere eight percent of the goo before she cried uncle. What had she become? How powerful would she be? How mercilessly would she proceed to beat on arch rival Daisy?

The answers, though, underwhelmed. Ruby had Quinn and Hall’s voices in her head, as had Carl Creel. And she exhibited a certain power of levitation — not only of herself, but also others. But before we laid witness to much more (well, aside from her accidentally crushing Baron’s head like a ball of foil!), Yo-Yo took control of the situation (and seemingly/hopefully Earth’s fate) by seizing Ruby’s Chakram and slitting her throat, all in less than the blink of an eye. She brutally slayed the woman who lopped off her arms, sure. But had she also thus saved the world?

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Drained of life, Ruby’s body floated up off the floor before “bursting” and emitting a pulse of… something, across the land. (I thought that maybe in her explosive death, she would quake Earth, though that seemed not to be the case.) Meanwhile, General Hale vanished in the same burst, later resurfacing inside the alien meeting place. She called out to her contact, reporting that she got her hands on the gravitonium, which is apparently what the bald dude in the shadows wanted all alongzzzzzz.

I do wonder if we have seen the last of Ruby. Did she truly die, or did she become so powerful she now exists on a different plane?

Elsewhere in the episode:

* OK, Deke was hysterical, in large part due to Mack’s increasing and unchecked exasperation with the goofball from the future and his lovelorn, lemon-leaving ways.

* Coulson aimed to resume his conversation with May, the one in which she professed her love. But she said all she had to say, and their pressing mission comes first, she made clear.

* “Activated” by Hydra and “happy to comply,” Talbot stole a gun from the armory and then went after young Robin, even holding her (and then his despondent self) at gunpoint. In the end, though, Mack got the drop on him.

* In defense of Yo-Yo’s aforementioned actions, she had returned from her killing of Ivanov quite amped up, and in such pain from her new arms that she seemed to at one point pass out from shock. She hates her arms, and with Ruby to blame for the sitch — coupled with, you know, the idea of saving Earth — stopping the supersoldier in her tracks may have been a sound way to terminate the loop.

What did you think of the episode “All Roads Lead…”?