Superstore Recap: Positive Thinking — Amy Delivers Some Big News

The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s Superstore.

At least one life was forever changed by the events of this week’s Superstore. And maybe, just maybe, two were?

In the episode, Amy reveals to Dina and Cheyenne that she thought she was pregnant a few weeks back, but a store-brand pregnancy test came back negative. Then Dina informs her that Cloud 9 recently recalled said store-brand test after a series of false negatives were reported throughout the midwest. And so, Amy heads to the back and takes four more pregnancy tests, all of which come back positive!

Dina and Cheyenne inquire about the father, and Amy reveals she had a one-night stand with ex-husband Adam. We then cut to a montage of Amy trying to leave Adam a voicemail telling him that they need to talk, but she can’t seem to find the right words. Dina catches her in the midst of a panic attack, and the two clock out early. As they’re driving away from Cloud 9, Dina asks Amy if they should head to an abortion clinic, but Amy says no. But Amy is nonetheless conflicted, thinking that a second child will prevent her from doing all the things that she wants to do. In response, Dina offers up some sage advice: “If you ask me, you can always find a reason not to do anything,” she says. “If there’s stuff you want to do, do that stuff.”

And with that advice, Amy returns to work and finds Jonah. She looks deep into his eyes, then moves in for a kiss. Jonah kisses her back, then Amy reveals she’s pregnant. The episode ends before he has a chance to respond.

Elsewhere in the episode…

* Glenn, Jerusha and Dina head to the OBGYN for a sonogram of the baby. Dina sees the head and begins freaking out. She wants to forgo the surrogacy arrangement, but it’s far too late.

* During the doctor’s visit, Glenn and Jerusha are given a sealed envelope containing the baby’s gender. Glenn gives the envelope to Garrett to make sure he doesn’t peek ahead of the gender reveal party, and Garrett loses it almost immediately. When the time comes to reveal whether it’s a boy or a girl, Garrett distracts everyone by ranting about antiquated gender constructs, then wheels away.

What did you think of this week’s game-changing Superstore?

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