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Shadowhunters: Dominic Sherwood Offers Little Hope in the War on 'Clace'

Shadowhunters Recap

Tuesday’s Shadowhunters ended with a message that every viewer, mundane or otherwise, should take to heart: When you’re out drinking, never take your eyes off your glass.

Jace learned this the hard way when a seemingly lovely stranger (aka Lilith, the “mother of all demons”) slipped him an anti-love potion that will make him forget all about Clary, the only person who can break Lilith’s hold over her precious “Owl.”

“You should be pretty worried,” Dominic Sherwood tells TVLine of the potion’s effects on Jace and Clary’s already-strained relationship. “What I can say is that this [problem] is going to continue through episode 10, when we finally reach a resolution. You’re going to see things get a lot worse than we’ve seen so far.”

Mental health has also become a topic of conversation this season, following the reveal that Jace’s birth mother exhibited symptoms of psychosis before her death. Sherwood says the storyline was handled “delicately, because we wouldn’t want to do a disservice to anyone out there who might feel empathetic towards this situation for whatever reason.”

“We know, as the audience, that it’s not really a mental health issue with Jace,” he says. (He just doesn’t know he’s being controlled by Jonathan’s demonic mother.) “So what we’re looking at is more of a potential mental health issue and how important friends and family can be in that situation — especially in the last few episodes, with Alec very delicately trying to approach Jace as his closest friend.”

Elsewhere this week…

* After telling Luke the truth about Jace’s revival, Clary turned to an angel — who was promptly murdered by Lilith (in her full, demonic form!) — for assistance. And just when he was about to expose her, too!

* Alec floated the idea of living with Magnus, which the warlock shut down rather quickly. It turns out Alec isn’t his first soldier lover — and given Magnus’ immortal status, he probably won’t be the last. So the couple has just decided to live in the moment… for now. (Not that I disrespect Magnus’ past, but I hope this is the last we hear of “George.”)

* Izzy finally went on a date with her new doctor friend, only to end up bleeding from her head after a nasty scuffle with Lilith’s demons.

* Despite learning that his new roommate is [1] a werewolf, and [2] a member of Praetor Lupus, Simon decided to continue living with Kyle.