Scandal Recap: Did Olivia Really Do 'What's Right For the Country'?

Scandal Recap

I don’t know how next week’s Scandal finale is only an hour long — the Gladiators have a lot to get off their breastplates.

Thursday’s Scandal — the series’ penultimate episode, lest you think I’d pass up an opportunity to use TVLine’s favorite buzzword — put Liv and Mellie before a proverbial firing squad, blindsiding them with questions about President Rashad’s assassination. And while Mellie entered the investigation prepared to defend her innocence, she was forced to plead the fifth when Lonnie played surveillance footage of her and Liv spilling the damn beans all over the floor of the Oval Office.

But rather than attempting to clean up those beans, Olivia basically slipped into a bathing suit and rolled around in all that refried goodness. When asked if Mellie gave her the order to assassinate Rashad, she stared Lonnie’s dumb-ass mustache down and told him, “No. I did. I gave the order. By the authority vested in me… as Command of B613.” She then proceeded to reveal everything about B613, including Jake’s current involvement. (Side note: Did Jake really think he could just break into Liv’s apartment and convince her to throw Mellie under the bus? What does he think this is, Season 2?!)

Jake being Jake, he managed to throw Lonnie off B613’s path, which included making Olivia’s testimony disappear. But rather than a sense of relief, Liv was awash with righteous fury, telling her inner circle that the only way out of this mess is to publicly admit their sins “and hope the next generation of leaders is better than we were.” It was a nice speech, but I have to side with Mellie and Fitz on this one; for as much evil as B613 has contributed to the world, the panic that this information would incite has the capability to inflict far more damage.

In fact, the only person speaking irrefutable truth this week was Marcus, who told Mellie exactly what she didn’t want to hear: “You’re all sharks — you, Fitz, Cyrus and Olivia. I’ve heard things over the years. Election rigging, blackmail, murder. … Now you’re horrified and surprised that one of your sharks attacked you, behaved like a shark.” She didn’t deny it. How could she?

Speaking of uncomfortable truth bombs, Jake paid a visit to Rowan and his Booooones! and things got real ugly, real fast. After mocking Jake for his unparalleled daddy issues (“You think you need my applause?”), Rowan reminded him that neither he nor Olivia ever actually “took” Command from him. “It’s so lonely up here at the top,” Rowan whined. “How I wish one of you would evolve so I could call myself extinct!” I swear, I actually thought that this would be the day Jake finally killed Rowan. Alas, the old dinosaur lives to chew the scenery another day.

Harkening back to an earlier conversation, in which Fitz asked Olivia how the story will end, he presented her with an answer: “It ends with us. It ends with us doing what’s right for the country.” And even without a dramatic walk down the Hall of Presidents, QPA also decided to stand behind Liv in her quest to expose B613 by serving as witnesses. Count Mellie in, too!

And by the grace of Sally Langston, who agreed to run with the B613 story live on The Liberty Report, the truth is finally out there — sending all your favorites willingly “over a cliff.” Good. Luck. With. That.

Also worth discussing…

* I loved watching QPA go through its rolodex of sins (James! Amanda Tanner! Sally’s husband!) while brainstorming a plan of attack. These people are all monsters.

* Speaking of Sally, where is her spinoff?!

* I enjoyed that nice scene between Olivia and Fitz at the beginning of the episode, but more importantly, why can’t they just paint him in that bed for his official portrait? Yowza.

* I love that Lonnie’s suspicions about Jake were also kind of shady: “He might be pretty, but he’s not that pretty.”

Your thoughts on Thursday’s Scandal? Hopes (and fears) for next week’s — gulp! — series finale? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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