Everything Sucks! Cancelled at Netflix

Everything Sucks! Cancelled Netflix No Season 2

Well, this, um, stinks: Netflix has cancelled the ’90s-set coming-of-age dramedy Everything Sucks! after one season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Set in the town of Boring, Oregon in the year 1996, Everything Sucks! starred Jahi Di’Allo Winston (The New Edition Story) and Peyton Kennedy (Odd Squad) as Luke and Kate, whose lives intersect when Luke joins his high school’s A/V club. Luke develops a crush on Kate, but she begins questioning her sexuality when she meets drama student Emaline (Sydney Sweeney). The supporting cast included Patch Darragh, Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako, Rio Mangini, Quinn Liebling and Elijah Stevenson.

The series just debuted in February with a ten-episode freshman season, with Ben York Jones (Like Crazy) and Michael Mohan serving as co-creators. It joins the Kathy Bates pot-dispensary sitcom Disjointed and the Britt Robertson comedy Girlboss as recent Netflix shows cancelled after just a single season.

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