Blue Bloods Recap: Did Jamie and Eddie Finally Pull the Trigger on Romance?

Blue Bloods Jamie Eddie

This Friday on CBS’ Blue Bloods, after almost five years of working together, police officers Jamie Reagan and Edit “Eddie” Janko… still are police officers working together.

That said, one of them this week came very close to pouring out their heart to the other. But the Boss got in the way.

When a domestic disturbance case led to a foot chase and then gunfire, one officer was left down while Eddie was bruised by a shot to her vest. Later, after Eddie had recuperated enough at the hospital, Jamie arrived to give her a lift home… only to find Barry, a onetime date who ghosted her (because she talked to much about her “work husband”), already on the case.

Jamie then swung by Eddie’s at night, to go out for celebratory/”You survived!” drinks, but she had to take a rain check… seeing as Barry was on the way with pizza. Strike two.

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Upon finding Eddie at the cop shop the next day, Jamie — egged on by his sister Erin, who earlier said about him and his partner, “Everyone sees two people who belong together” — admitted that having her gone “got me thinking about a lot of things.” When Eddie asks exactly what, Barry shows up. Eddie suggests that Jamie join the two of them for dinner, but Barry announces that he got his hands on two (and only two) tickets to Springsteen on Broadway, which Eddie has been dying to see.

Jamie accepts another rain check, but after Barry steps out, Eddie urges him to say what he was about to say. “Tell me. I really want to know.” And you could tell, she really wants to know.

Jamie hedges, “I… hope you come back soon. And enjoy that show, because I’m jealous” (about Springsteen, ostensibly, but we know what he really meant).

Elsewhere in the episode: Mayor Dutton confided in Frank that she won’t be running for re-election when her term is up, while Danny took on and solved a Three Billboards-esque cold case.

What did you think about this latest and greatest Jamie/Eddie tease? Think these two kids will figure things out by the season finale?

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