Scandal Recap: Pick Your Poison

Scandal Recap

While Olivia and her renewed allies at QPA spent Thursday’s Scandal doing their best to save Mellie’s presidency, Marcus (and Fitz by proxy) made it his mission to save her soul.

“Dark, desperate and capable of going to be a place she can’t come back from” was how Marcus described the president during a concerned chat with Fitz, suggesting that the former POTUS still seems “haunted” and “tormented” by his days in office. “You survived the Oval, but don’t you think Mellie deserves better than that?”

This inspired Fitz to give his old office a ring and offer Mellie some unsolicited advice: “Find another way. That office doesn’t have to feel for you the way it felt for me. … I’ve never been the same. You’re better than me. You’re better than all of us. Remember that.” For what it’s worth, she appeared far more receptive to these words than their last call, which ended with her slamming the phone.

Meanwhile, QPA discovered that Cyrus killed the hacker he hired (codename: LilPimp69!), prompting Olivia to move ahead with Plan B: poisoned wine. (Don’t forget, this is still Scandal. It was either going to be that or poisoned popcorn.) Unfortunately, Liv’s rendezvous with Cyrus was interrupted by Jake, who exchanged her wine for a handgun to shoot Cyrus. And when she hesitated, he suggested that she shoot him too, going so far as to place the gun in his own mouth. I may be tired of his shenanigans, but no one on this show plays mind games like Jake Ballard.

Speaking of Jake, it’s quite possible that Mellie’s attempt to cut down his confidence inadvertently lit a fire under his crazy ass. Calling him a “delusional, insecure little boy who believes he’s a leader but has only followed one master to the next” probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but it undoubtedly inspired him to take his “partnership” with Cyrus to the next level.

“I don’t work for you,” he told Cyrus as they both stood over Jake’s wife’s dead body. (Oh, right, Vanessa found out that Jake was covering for Cyrus, so she called him “the Vice President’s bitch” — and we all knew how that was going to end.) “I would hate to have to dissolve our partnership,” he told Cyrus, as they toasted to their new deal.

And those two certainly have their dirty work cut out for them after Mellie’s powerful press conference. (“I. Am. Not. Guilty.”) Haven’t they learned by now? Nobody puts Mellie in a corner.

In much sexier news, Olivia met up with Fitz for a (non-lethal) drink, raising a glass to “the old days, to the way things used to be.” But they were hot, heavy and off to the bedroom before they even had a chance to open the bottle — though Fitz wisely remembered to grab it on the way in.

Your thoughts on Scandal‘s third-to-last hour? Did you also forget that Jessalyn Gilsig was on this show? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.