Life in Pieces Video: Sophia and Her Stuffed Toys Stage a Musical Protest

Plush toys come to life for some musical pieces, in this week’s episode of CBS’ Life in Pieces — as sampled in this exclusive sneak peek.

In “Pageant Bike Animals Jerky” (airing Thursday at 9:30/8:30c), Heather (played by Betsy Brandt) tells daughter Sophia (Giselle Eisenberg) that she must thin her herd of stuffed animals. In the clip above, Sophia responds by launching into a musical number with one (and then others) of said critters, to see if she can change Mom’s mind.

Press play above to hear Sophia and her monkey friend sing about how they first met and why it’s hard to say good-bye.

Elsewhere in the episode: Jen comes home to find Lark dolled up in babysitter Colleen’s old pageant dress; Joan’s bike is stolen from the driveway so she enlists Matt, Greg and Tim to join her in tracking it down; and Tyler and Clementine get John’s help to sell their homemade beef jerky at a farmer’s market.

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