How Legion Landed Jon Hamm as Season 2's Rod Serling-Style Narrator

Legion Season 2 FX Jon Hamm Voice Narrator

Did you notice a familiar voice amid the Technicolor chaos of Legion‘s Season 2 premiere? Unlike David Haller, you’re not hearing things: That really was the former Don Draper himself, Emmy winner Jon Hamm, serving as narrator for the premiere’s surreal animated interludes.

“There’s a narrator throughout the whole season in places, for those sort of educational segments,” creator Noah Hawley explains to TVLine. “So I knew we needed a voice, but I didn’t feel like it was the voice of one of our characters.” He wanted a distinctive voice to serve as his narrator, he says, like Alec Baldwin’s in The Royal Tenenbaums. “And Jon just has that voice,” he notes.

So how did the Mad Men star end up joining the show? It turns out there’s not much mystery to it: “I asked him,” Hawley reveals. “I had met him recently, and gotten to know him a bit. So I just asked. There’s no harm that comes from asking.”

We can expect to hear Hamm’s narration throughout Season 2, according to Hawley, who adds how pleased he is with the final product: “He’s great. It really pops. It gives those sections such character.” He even pays Hamm the ultimate compliment, recalling the iconic narrator of sci-fi classic The Twilight Zone: “He does a really great Rod Serling.”

Did you recognize Hamm’s voice? And what’d you think of the Legion premiere? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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