Shadowhunters Recap: Lilith's 'Owl' Is Finally Unmasked — Whoooo Is It?

Shadowhunters Recap

It was the question on everyone’s mind on Tuesday’s Shadowhunters: Who is Lilith’s owl-masked minion? Little did we know, the answer — saved for the episode’s final moments — would make our heads spin.

Jace spent the hour convinced that it was Jonathan, as the mysterious creature’s aversion to pepper spray suggested that it was at least partly human. He even admitted to Clary that he’s been seeing Jonathan in his dreams, though he conveniently left out the part where Jonathan kills her and/or convinces Jace to do the deed himself. (You know, minor details.)

But the Shadowhunters formally crossed Clary’s evil brother off their list of suspects when Izzy attacked the Owl with her whip and noted that the electrum didn’t react. (Science talk!) She and Clary would have gladly shared this information with Jace, only he was nowhere to be found — that is, until the episode’s final moment, which brought us back to Lilith’s blood-soaked hideout for the unmasking of a lifetime:

Shadowhunters Jace Owl

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But is it really Jace, or just a glamour, as he believed Jonathan was using to look like The Owl? Time will tell, but considering how quickly Jonathan appears to be waking from his not-so-eternal slumber, I’m thinking we should figure this out real fast.

Meanwhile, in non-Owl news…

* With Izzy off on the aforementioned hunt, Alec and Magnus played hosts to Maryse, who gave little notice before dropping by to see her children. Magnus may have saved dinner — Alec may know how to work a crossbow, but I wouldn’t trust him in the kitchen — but he couldn’t keep the mood up when Maryse revealed the real reason for her visit: The Clave has reopened its investigation into former Circle members and has re-classified her as a traitor. She’ll soon be stripped of her runes and exiled from Alicante.

* As much of a bummer as Maryse’s news was, I can’t even put into words how much I loved hearing her tell Magnus, “I may have had my doubts in the past, but seeing you stand by Alec is what every mother wants for her children. Thank you for loving my boy.” (My heart! It… can’t… take… this!)

* Following one final, heartbreaking visit with Rosa, Raphael learned that his younger sister had passed away. Izzy rushed to his side to console him, even offering to attend the funeral in his place — but when his eyes lingered on her tasty veins a little too long, they both decided it would be best for her to leave.

* I had completely forgotten about Heidi, the newbie vampire being held at the Hotel Dumort. What fresh hell will she raise now that she’s escaped?!

* Do we think it was purely a coincidence that Izzy bumped into the dude she met briefly at the hospital in the season premiere, or is he someone we should be worried about?

* Lastly, Simon remains desperate for answers about his mysterious mark — and the fact that the Seelie Queen seems to have barred him from re-entering her Court is not helping the matter.

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