Did Instinct Copy Bones Storyline? EP Apologizes for 'Unintentional' Parallels

Instinct Bones Amish Storyline

Now here’s a case for all those TV detectives to solve: How did Instinct end up borrowing a storyline from an old Bones episode?

Michael Rauch, creator and executive producer of the new CBS drama that stars Alan Cumming as a psychology professor helping the NYPD solve crimes, apologized on Twitter after fans accused his show of stealing the plot for Sunday’s episode from a Season 5 episode of the Fox procedural Bones, saying the parallels were “100% unintentional”:

Sunday’s Instinct saw Cumming’s character Dr. Reinhart investigate the murder of an Amish teenager who just moved to the big city. They find popsicle sticks in the teen’s childhood bedroom, which remind Reinhart of piano keys, leading him to conclude the teen must’ve played piano, so he talks to the kid’s piano teacher. Meanwhile, in Bones‘ Season 5 installment “The Plain in the Prodigy,” Booth and Brennan were investigating the death of a young Amish male when they found a collection of rocks in his bedroom, which reminded Sweets of piano keys. They ended up questioning the guy’s piano teacher.

Several eagle-eyed fans noticed the similarities and tweeted their displeasure to Rauch, leading to his apology on Monday.

Did you notice the plot similarities, too? Sound off in the comments. 

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