Black Lightning Recap: Who Has Been Helping the ASA Steal Children?

Black Lightning Recap

This week on Black Lightning, Jefferson and Anissa tried to solve a 30-year-old mystery by finding Freeland’s missing children — but doing so set off a chain of events that led to violence, death… and a surprising revelation.

The episode opens with reformed drug dealer Two-Bits hustling DVDs and baby clothes. While packing up, he sees a Garfield High student — one of the girls Anissa caught with drug dealers (in Episode 4). The girl pops some Green Light and then emits a fiery glow. Before Two-Bits can figure out what he just saw, two men in a van grab her!

Speaking of Anissa, she follows up on Gambi’s tip and heads to a warehouse. There, she sees what are presumably the kidnapped Freeland children, floating in glass pods. Once she realizes they’re still alive after 30 years, she gathers her strength to break the glass, but holds back. Instead, she runs home to tell her father that they need to help get the kids out.

At Club 100, Lala is still seeing dead people. This time, it’s his cousin Will (aka the punk who creeped on Jennifer in the pilot). Will asks Lala what he’s going to do when Tobias comes back, and Lala says he’ll kill him too. Lala then walks over to his goons and asks why they’re not out selling. One says that since the Green Light warehouse was destroyed, there’s no product to move. Lala tells him to get “creative,” but when the man steps to him, Lala rips off his ear and shoots him dead.

Thunder and Black Lightning head to the warehouse, but it’s now empty — save for some gun-toting ASA operatives! After father and daughter use (and sometimes combine) their powers to knock out the attackers, Jefferson back at home tells Anissa about Gambi’s involvement with the ASA and the Green Light vaccine. Anissa urges her father to give her “uncle” the benefit of the doubt, but Jefferson refuses to work with Gambi anymore.

The next morning, after Two-Bits tells Jefferson about what he saw, with the fiery, kidnapped girl, Jefferson tells Jennifer to stay home from school, under Anissa’s watch. Jennifer is upset that having powers is ruining her life. When Anissa calls her sister a quitter, Jennifer gets so angry that she become literally inflamed.

Lala meets with a supplier and asks him to front him large amounts of coke and chronic. The supplier is hesitant to trust Lala, and only agrees after he offers his own mother’s life as collateral. (Aren’t people who get second chances supposed to lead better lives than they used to…?)

When Jefferson goes to Lynn’s lab and brings her up to speed, she urges him to get Gambi’s help, but he again refuses. He says he’ll use his “electric vision” and Two-Bits’ knowledge of warehouse activity in Freeland to track down the relocated pods. (When Lynn inquires about Jefferson’s special vision, it leads to sexual-tension-induced flirting….)

Martin and two ASA operatives snatch Gambi from his ship and beat him bloody. The ASA boss explains that he not only knows that Gambi found the facility/pods, but that Black Lightning found it too. Ergo, Gambi knows how to contact Black Lightning. When Gambi denies it, even after being waterboarded, Martin orders his operatives to go fetch the man who considers Gambi a surrogate father.

At the lab, Lynn runs an MRI on Jennifer to make sure there’s no internal damage, but the machine malfunctions. Jennifer and Anissa then switch places and the machine reacts normally, but when they switch places again, the machine fritzes out again. Lynn realizes that unlike Jefferson, who channels energy from other sources, Jennifer is a generator with cells that create pure energy.

Malik — the baby drug dealer from Episode 1 — meets Jefferson at Garfield to participate in a mentorship program, to help get him off the streets. Alas, just as their session gets underway, the ASA operatives appear:  “If you ever want to see Peter Gambi again, you’ll come with us.” Delivering him to beaten, bloodied Gambi’s side, one holds Jefferson at gunpoint in exchange for confirmation of Black Lightning’s identity. With a nod from Gambi, Jefferson triggers a blackout, while his friend guns down the operatives.

Once Jefferson gets Gambi to safety, the two finally talk. Gambi apologizes for his actions, and tells Jefferson to get the girls out of the house. Since kids are being kidnapped again, he advises Jefferson to find the “spotter” — someone embedded in the community who is keeping watch for kids who’ve acquired abilities from Green Light.

In the final scene, Martin walks among the relocated pods and thanks someone for the addition of Neema to his creepy collection. The spotter turns out to be Kara, Jefferson’s vice principal. (Raise your hand if you knew Kara was shady from Day 1.) When Martin informs Kara that Jefferson is Black Lightning, she insists that she will be able to take him down.

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