Cobra Kai Trailer: Johnny's Out for Redemption in Karate Kid Sequel Series

The full trailer for YouTube Red’s Karate Kid continuation Cobra Kai is out… and are we going to be rooting for Johnny Lawrence? 

In the trailer posted above, William Zabka reprises his role as the archetypal blonde ’80s villain, but 30-plus years later, he’s down on his luck, waking up on the floor with empty beer cans all around him. (Boy, that crane kick really did a number on him, huh?) Meanwhile, his good-guy rival Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) is still riding high off his ’80s glory days, running a high-end car dealership and karate-chopping prices in cheesy TV ads.

But Johnny gets inspired when he stands up for a bullied teen — OK, technically, he beats up a few teenagers — and decides to reopen his old karate dojo, Cobra Kai, to train a new generation. We see him playing sensei to a group of misfit kids to the strains of an ’80s hair-metal rock tune… and yes, he and Daniel face off across the mat once again, too.

It’s an interesting flip of the Karate Kid formula, with Johnny playing the Mr. Miyagi role as the scrappy underdog and Daniel as the pompous rich guy. We’ll find out who comes out on top when Cobra Kai releases all ten Season 1 episodes on Wednesday, May 2 exclusively on YouTube Red.

Press PLAY above for a first look at Cobra Kai, then hit the comments below to share your first impressions.

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