Once Upon a Time's Series Finale Title: Meta Nod, or Hint at a Seismic Shift?

Once Upon a Time Cancelled

Five weeks after Once Upon a Time‘s swan song was announced, we have a title for the very final episode. Is it a knowing nod to the ABC series’ end, or a hint at a seismic shift for the characters we have come to know and love over seven seasons?

As touted by Once co-creator Adam Horowitz on the Twitter, Season 7’s 22nd episode aka the grand finale will be titled “Leaving Storybrooke.” Now, does that simply mean that we the viewers will be “leaving Storybrooke” behind with the show’s cancellation, or might Regina, Henry, Rumple et al all wake up there in Seattle, return home to the titular Maine burg, and then really return home — to the Enchanted Forest? Thus bringing the fantastical tale full-circle?

Share your knee-jerk theory in Comments! Once continues Season 7 this Friday at 8/7c, with Episode 13.

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