For the People Premiere: Grade It!

Welcome to The Mother Court.

Shondaland’s For the People premiered Tuesday on ABC, this time bringing the company’s signature style to the courtroom.

Created by Scandal‘s Paul William Davies, the drama follows six brand new lawyers (three public defenders and three prosecutors) as they begin working in the Southern District of New York Federal Court, aka “The Mother Court.” It is the “oldest, most prestigious, highest profile court in America,” a judge tells them before they swear in. No pressure, right?

The newbies are paired up and tasked with taking on their first cases. Ready to meet ’em?

SANDRA AND LEONARD | Girlboss’ Britt Robertson plays Sandra, an ambitious and eager new hire, who has to defend an accused terrorist in her first case. She is up against the headstrong Leonard Knox (played by British actor Regé-Jean Page), who successfully convinces the jury that a Muslim teenage boy was the mastermind behind the plan to blow up the Statue of Liberty and was not set up by undercover FBI agents.

Sandra feels defeated after losing, but her boss Jill Carlan (Wayward Pines‘ Hope Davis) reminds her that sometimes you fight the system, government or prejudices — and you’re just not going to win.

SETH AND ALLISON | Couple Allison Adams (The Leftovers’ Jasmin Savoy Brown) and Seth Oliver (Younger’s Ben Rappaport) go head-to-head on an insider trading case. The pair tries struggles to keep their work and play separate. It’s probably not a good thing that we see Seth angrily leave their Upper East Side apartment after Allison wins the case and gets him put on probation, right?

KATE AND JAY | Kate Littlejohn (Susannah Flood) and Jay Simmons (Awkward’s Wesam Keesh) argue the case of a man accused of fraud. Kate, a straightforward and strong-willed prosecutor, makes it very clear that she believes in consequences for those who break the law. Jay asks for compassion for his client instead of a 64-month prison sentence, to which Kate responds, “I have compassion for people who follow the rules.”

The personal lives of the six intersect in many ways, which we can only hope leads to some juicy drama. Sandra and Allison live together, Seth and Allison are dating — and yes Leonard, we saw the way you were looking at Kate.

The premiere episode ends with Sandra and Allison, strolling along the Brooklyn Bridge, asking themselves the same question that judge Nicholas Byrne (Chicago Hope‘s Vondie Curtis Hall) asked them earlier in the episode: “Are you worthy?”

Is For the People worthy of your time? Grade Tuesday’s premiere and elaborate in the comments.

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