TVLine Podcast: Mae Whitman, Retta on That Good Girls Recast, Atlanta Sleepovers, Season 1 'Cliffhanger'

Good Girls is building towards the mother of all cliffhangers.

According to stars Retta and Mae Whitman, the new NBC dramedy does not hand its titular trio a happy ending at the conclusion of Season 1. “It’s an extreme cliffhanger,” Whitman declares in the latest installment of the TVLine Podcast. Adds Retta: “People are probably gonna be pissed [if the show isn’t renewed].”

And among those displeased “people” will be Retta and Whitman who, along with fellow lead Christina Hendricks (who was shooting a movie in Canada and therefore unable to participate in the podcast), did some extreme bonding during the series’ five-month Atlanta shoot. “I want there to be a Season 2,” Retta shares, while Whitman notes, “We all worked really hard to make this show something special.”

Also during the 30-minute Q&A, the pair talk candidly about that heartbreaking post-pilot casting shakeup, the pros and cons of starring in an hour-long drama, and the infamous car ride that set the tone for their entire Good Girls experience.

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