Real Time: Kathy Griffin Jokes She'd Redo Fake Decapitation Photo With Mike Pence's Head — Watch

Kathy Griffin was in good spirits during her first TV interview since being shunned by Hollywood for a controversial photo depicting the fake, severed head of President Donald Trump.

The outspoken comedian sat down with Bill Maher, who she thanked for “being one of the first and only people to publicly say what happened to me was bulls—t.” The Real Time host later asked, “If you had to do it all over again, I assume you wouldn’t take the picture,” to which she answered, “I’d do Mike Pence” instead. Met with silence, Griffin added, “I’m kidding! Ten months I’ve waited to do that joke!”

Griffin defended the fake decapitation photo, referring to it as “distasteful but not illegal,” and recalled all that she lost as a result of the controversy, including her gig cohosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage alongside Anderson Cooper. Later, she described the process of being investigated by the Department of Justice, and the difficulty of touring internationally once she was added to Interpol’s No Fly list. She also raised her middle fingers to Donald Trump Jr., who went on Good Morning America months after the photo and said the comedian should be “decimated.”

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