Arrow Recap: Reunited and It Feels So... OUCH, MY RIBS — Plus, a New Threat!

Arrow Recap Roy Returns

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Roy Harper returned to the mix, and with him came the first interesting beats of Ricardo Diaz’s arc, a bold play by “Laurel” and, in the end, the arrival of a new threat.

So, the question last week wasn’t, “Where had Black Siren stumbled to?” but “What was she up to?” Because in a way, that wasn’t her but “our” Laurel approaching that trucker for help. Arriving at the SCPD, she claims that she is the Laurel Lance, whose death was faked by Damien Darhk and who for two years has been kept prisoner somewhere. The local press ate ip up, and then started to ask questions — like, can the onetime Black Canary confirm that Mayor Queen is not Green Arrow? In private with Oliver, Thea and Quentin after, Laurel says she will keep her lip zipped, if they play along with her ruse.

Thea, for one, would have far bigger fish to fry, anyway. Though Oliver’s lawyer was poised to get the case against him dismissed, seeing as the evidence of Rene outing Oliver was “fruit of the poisoned tree” (aka Cayden James), DA Armand said he had a new snitch — Roy Harper. While Oliver nd Dig stood watch, a suited-up Thea slipped into the hotel room where Roy was being held (and beaten, badly) by dirty cops, but Oliver wouldn’t let his sister risk everything by lugging wounded Roy out. Instead, they plotted to intercept the transport vehicle taking Roy to a new safe house… only to find it was an empty decoy.

After Oliver offers a defeated Thea some big brotherly advice — if and when they find Roy, she should go be with him and find the happiness that has eluded her for three years (a notion she seems very into) — we see that Roy was delivered to Ricardo Diaz at the abandoned casino where he initiates dirty cops to join his “family.” Laurel, claiming that she needed to start acting like the woman she was impersonating, tipped off Team Arrow to Roy’s location, and they went in arrows a-blazing. Diaz had a henchman haul Roy outside, where they were cornered by Thea and then Oliver. But with legit SCPD cops closing in, Oliver had to let Diaz go, while Thea drive Roy off to safety.

Back at the bunker, Oliver grumbled about having to let both Diaz and Anatoly get away, and he awaited some results from Quentin and Dinah’s begrudging collaboration in investigating how deeply the SCPD is infested. Oliver then pays Laurel a visit at Quentin’s, where he thanks her for not leading them into a trap. She acknowledges that she is not their Laurel, but she’d like to give it a try — if they can give her some space. (Alas, just as Ollie exits, Laurel gets a text from Diaz, commending her “good work.” Ugh.)

Thea, meanwhile, apologizes to Roy for not being there with him these past three years on the run — but he cuts her contrition short with a heated embrace, and they fall into bed… while a female League of Assassins member observes from outside, reporting to “Master” that she has located the heir to Ra’s al Ghul.

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