Lost in Space Trailer Warns of 'Danger' for Will Robinson, Dr. Smith's Agenda

Robot is here to say those three little words — “Danger, Will Robinson” — in the full trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Lost in Space reboot.

Parker Posey’s Dr. Smith, meanwhile, confesses that her agenda with regard to the wayward space travelers is, well, “complicated.”

Releasing on Friday, April 13, Lost in Space follows the Robinson family, which is on a highly trained mission to establish a new colony in space when their ship is unexpectedly pulled off course, forcing them to crash-land on a lost planet. There, “danger will find them.”

Toby Stephens and Molly Parker play the ‘rents, while Max Jenkins, Mina Sundwall and Taylor Russell play kids Will, Penny and Judy. The cast also includes the aforementioned Posey plus Ignacio Serricchio as Don West.

Watch the gorgeous trailer above, and tell us what you think.

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