What Is NRA TV? John Oliver Reviews a Show That Touts AR-15's 'Happiness'

If recent headlines got you to wondering, “What exactly is on NRA TV anyway?,” John Oliver is here with a handy tutorial.

Last week, in the wake of the Parkland school shooting and the gun control debate it re-energized, companies such as Delta Airlines and UPS ended their discount programs for NRA members, while Amazon and other streaming services felt pressure to cease offering NRA TV, the National Rifle Association’s programming channel.

In the video above, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver walks you through NRA TV’s various types of programming — including gun collector shows with overly fawning hosts (starting at the 5:00 mark), female-targeted fare such as Love at First Shot (in which the host invites a newbie shooter to experience the “light poof of happiness” delivered by an AR-15; jump to 8:45) and home shopping programs where natty accessories can be picked up.

Lastly, at 13:00, Oliver sheds light in the “darker” — often gunmaker-sponsored and infomercial-like — programming that he says aims to “terrify you” about the state of the country and detail how owning an AR-15 might ease your mind.

Are you already familiar with NRA TV, and is Oliver’s assessment on-target? If not, did his primer prove handy?

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