SNL Suggests That Trump Was Paid Off by NRA After Florida Shooting — Watch

Saturday Night Live this weekend opened with a bipartisan meeting on gun control, led by Alec Baldwin‘s Donald Trump, during which the president indicated that there were “30 million good reasons” why nothing will change.

POTUS, joined by Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Diane Feinstein, said in the wake of the Parkland school shooting that it was time to take a hard look at mental health, “which I have so much of. I have one of the healthiest mentals.” He than posed the idea that “maybe we just take everyone’s guns away,” and that no one should be allowed to have them, “not even whites.” Pence, seemingly distraught, was then assured by Trump that he “met with the NRA, [and] they gave me 30 million good reasons not to change a thing.”

SNL chose not to address Trump’s Friday morning tweets complaining about the Emmy winner’s “terrible” impression, which also suggested that the show should bring back previous portrayer Darrell Hammond. Instead, Baldwin’s Trump focused on the president’s assertion that he would have run into the chaos at the Florida high school, even if he weren’t armed.

“The youth of America deserve to feel safe and secure in their schools,” he continued, but “folks, I can only run into so many schools and save everybody… If I have to make America’s schools safe all by myself, I will. Just like how I’m running the White House all by myself… The people who work for me keep resigning, like Hope Hicks. She’s like a daughter to me. So smart, so hot.

“We need to heal this country of ours. It’s really one of the best… Top 5? We could do better,” he declared. “I said I was going to run this country like a business. That business is a waffle house at 2 am — crazies everywhere, staff walking out in the middle of their shift, managers taking money out of the register to pay the Russian mob — but maybe we do just take all the guns away.”

Attorney General Jeff “Mr. Magoo” Sessions then turned up, refusing to resign despite Trump’s pleas.

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