Black Lightning Recap: Father-Daughter Dance — Who Learned Jeff's Secret?

Black Lightning Recap

Thunder is a direct result of lightning — this is true in nature… and on Black Lightning.

Episode 6 showed us that while Anissa’s rise to power is largely the result of her father’s genetics and influence, it’s also the result of asserting her power to fix the problems in Freeland.

The episode opens with the police assembling to apprehend Black Lightning, who they know is injured in a parking lot. Gambi picks him up before the police can arrest him for vigilantism. Meanwhile at Tobias’, Joey Toledo says he fought the hero and could’ve killed him. He’s choked by his boss for missing the opportunity, but says he tipped their guy at the PD to handle it since he couldn’t. Tori is now under protection thanks to the threat her brother got from Lady Eve — ground albino bones. Back at the police station, the chief is angry that Black Lightning disappeared, while Henderson wonders how his boss got the tip in the first place….

At Gambi’s, ailing Jefferson is looked over by Lynn. She tells him that his powers turbo-charged his recovery, and even though he’s not healing as fast as he used to, it’s still twice as fast as normal. He tries to have a tender moment with her, but she snaps at him for pulling her back into his mess. Jefferson says that he’s trying to bring down Tobias for killing his father, but Lynn pointedly tells him nothing will bring his father back — not even vengeance. The next day at the lab, she compares his brain scans to those of a Green Light addict and notices similarities, as her assistant eavesdrops.

Anissa leads a protest to deface a Confederate statue, but they are aggressively apprehended by the police and arrested. Picking her up at the police station, Jefferson tries to talk some sense into his daughter, saying, “Look, you are a black woman. You don’t have the luxury of being naïve.” He doesn’t want to lose her due to something she should’ve walked away from, but if he knew his daughter at all he’d know that she’ll never back down. She gets that from him.

Later, Jefferson tests out his suit to make sure there are no more malfunctions. Once everything checks out, he tells Gambi they have work to do since Tobias is staying put in Freeland. When Gambi feigns doubt, Jefferson wonders why his mentor doesn’t want him to find and catch Tobias. Gambi says The 100 has strong resources and allies, and thus are almost untouchable. Regardless, Jefferson plans to bury his arch enemy.

Lynn gets to the lab the next morning and finds Gambi waiting on her. He’s concerned that Jefferson is on the edge of crossing a line and only she can save him from himself; she demands that her leave her out of it. While Jefferson is at his office researching albinism, Anissa visits her mom with her grandfather’s research. Lynn asks questions that don’t get answered, so she tells Anissa to clue her in when she’s ready to.

At Garfield High, Kara approaches Jefferson about a social media post ridiculing Jennifer. The culprit? Khalil. Turns out Jennifer has been getting cyber-bullied a lot lately, but her boyfriend’s comments hurt the most. Jefferson says this could either be Khalil’s pain talking, or an indicator of his true personality. Jennifer meets with Khalil, who has been avoiding her and her texts. When she suggests a break, Khalil lashes out and blames her for his paralysis.

A costumed Anissa returns to the Confederate statue that night, where mourners have gathered to pay tribute to a student who was mowed down in a counterprotest led by white nationalists. She channels her anger and literally puts her foot down, disintegrating the statue. In tears, she calls her mom and says she needs to show her the real reason she’s taken up her grandfather’s research.

Black Lightning, who has been in contact with the doctor treating Tobias’ albinism, watches his enemy arrive for a psoriasis retest. He has a flashback of Tobias killing his father and prepares to even the score, but Gambi puts Lynn through on the comms. She tells Jefferson that he’s their daughters’ anchor in this world, but he can’t be if he commits murder. She also says that she has been angry for not being first in his life, but that she understands his duty and accepts it. Their conversation is interrupted when someone breaks into Lynn’s lab.

Anissa gets there and sees that two men have Lynn tied up with tape on her mouth. Lynn is shocked to see her daughter not only in costume, but also fighting the men off (and then some!). They flee the scene by the time Black Lightning arrives, and he mistakenly thinks this costumed woman attacked his ex. The father-daughter metahumans have a knock-down, drag-out fight that Jefferson wins before realizing his opponent is Anissa. (Why’d it take that long? Her disguise isn’t that clever.) In Gambi’s van, Lynn tells Jefferson that Anissa has a concussion but no broken bones, and they realize their daughter has powers.

The episode ends with two questionable alliances: Khalil, clouded by his anger, has decided work for Tobias. He admits that he doesn’t know what he can offer with his paralysis, but Tobias promises him he will walk, and Syonide says that he’ll experience strength he never knew. Gambi meanwhile meets with Lady Eve to discuss their deal. She agrees that the Pierces are off limits, but argues that Lynn’s research is a threat, so she sent her crew to retrieve it, not expecting Lynn (or an unidentified metahuman) to be there. Lady Eve reminds Gambi that he made promises too, and he maintains he kept them by not outing Tobias. (So that’s why he erased the footage.)

The episode ends back at the Pierce household, where Anissa awakens from her concussion, looks up and sees her father — unmasked, in his Black Lightning suit.

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