Living Biblically Premiere: Grade It!

Living Biblically Recap

CBS on Monday began the kind of Bible story you’re not likely to hear about in Sunday school.

Living Biblically stars Jay R. Ferguson (The Real O’Neals) as “lapsed Catholic” Chip Curry, a man who decides to live his life 100-percent according to the Bible after learning that his wife (Grace and Frankie‘s Lindsey Kraft) is pregnant with their first child. Chip pitches his plan as a “soul cleanse,” which is a little like his annual juice cleanse — only there’s less of a chance he’ll poop his pants at a Rite-Aid.

Chip is aided on his journey by Father Gene (Cougar Town‘s Ian Gomez), a wise-cracking priest who does his best to translate Biblical lessons into present-day guidelines for Chip — though his words often get misinterpreted, like when Chip shows up to work looking like a “business-casual ghost” in an all-white suit because Father Gene tells him not to mix fabrics.

Despite their initial skepticism, the people in Chip’s life eventually come around to his new way of living, including his best friend (Everybody Hates Chris‘ Tony Rock), their sticky note-loving boss (The Practice‘s Camryn Manheim) and their creepy, silently moving co-worker (Roseanne‘s Sara Gilbert). Even Chip’s co-worker Gary forgives him for publicly stoning him as punishment for his adultery. (In case it wasn’t clear, there are zero consequences for people’s actions in the world of Living Biblically… which is kind of ironic when you think about it.)

Do you have faith in the show’s future, or are you ready to throw the book at it? Grade the series premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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