Legends of Tomorrow: Did Sara and Ava's Date Go Off Without a Hitch?

Legends Tomorrow Recap Sara Ava Kiss

Who knew that fighting pirates wearing bad yarn wigs could be an aphrodisiac?

This week on Legends of Tomorrow, Sara aspired to “sit one out” while the rest of the team made tracks for Detroit to steal a totem from Mari’s boyfriend, so that she could sneak off for a super-cozy and ostensibly “normal” first date with Ava.

And once both ladies met for drinks, all glammed up, things did start off rather smoothly, in part because Ava suggested a “no shop talk” rule. And though that guideline proved handy (and also gave us visions of young Sara as Peter Pan), it ultimately threw a wrench in the works when work emergencies crept up on the ladies. (Ava sneaked off to the coat room to learn from Gary that a speedster had stolen his time courier, leaving Sara to look out the window as the Waverider returned from a very stormy trip to the Bahamas circa 1717 aka Blackbeard time.)

Sara pulled off what would later be dissed as a “dine and dash,” setting the stage for a rocky reunion when Ava later portalled to the Waverider bridge. As the ladies got into it, Sara blurted out that they were not meant to be because she will never be “normal.” But Ava promptly made clear that, “Hell no,” that is not at all what she wants, as she pulled Sara into a heated clinch.

That inaugural liplock would get interrupted by pirates storming the bridge, but the ladies successfully battled the buccaneers. Later, cooling down over rum floats, things promised to warm up again as Ava asked, “So, you got a room on this ship or…?” To which Sara answered, “Let’s go find out.”

Elsewhere in the episode:

* As alluded to above, Rip enlisted Wally West to first steal Gary’s time courier, and then his own trench coat from the Time Bureau. After a night out singing karaoke (specifically “Careless Whisper”) while drunk on “Rocket Fuel” (aka speedster booze), Rip again invited Wallace to join him on his mission, and the Team Flash castoff agreed.

* While Sara was out on her date, the rest of the team’s trip to 1717 largely served to A) let Amaya pass herself off as “the Dread Pirate Jiwe” and B) introduce the Earth Totem, which Blackbeard had given to a lady love back in the day, only to see her turn into a plant monster. When Damien Darhk and his daughter went to dig that totem up, the Legends arrived to intervene, leading to a skirmish in which Nora gained the upper hand on Amaya and was about kill her… until Ray zapped Miss Darhk with his brand-new anti-magic gun. Feeling guilty about leaving the young woman to die, Ray quickly cooked up a serum to save her, then returned to her and Damien’s side to do just that — in trade for Amaya’s spirit totem, which Damien gladly ceded. Revived, Nora immediately tried to kill Ray, but Damien stopped her, saying that the Legend could be of use to them….

What did you think of the episode “The Curse of the Earth Totem”?

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