The Amazing Race Finale Recap: Did Your Favorite Team Win Season 30?

The Amazing Race Finale

A quartet of teams remained atop Wednesday’s Amazing Race finale, but only a single duo would get to take home that million-dollar (before taxes) grand prize.

The remaining eight players — Team Yale’s Henry and Evan, Team Extreme’s Kristi and Jen, Team Big Brother‘s Cody and Jessica, and Team IndyCar’s Alex and Conor — jetted to Hong Kong to begin the final leg of Season 30, where they played with fire, fought with crabs and survived a man-made typhoon.

Then came Cody’s absolute favorite part of the finale: getting to smash a bunch of computers and hard drives to pieces with a baseball bat. (Don’t get me wrong, I realize that other players had fun with this challenge, but Cody — with those wide eyes and that megawatt smile — just seemed to enjoy it a little too much.)

Clues based on previous challenges led the teams to their final destination, with Team Yale arriving first, followed by Teams Big Brother and Extreme — which meant, sadly, Alex and Conor had to pump the brakes on their Amazing Race journey. (And if you think that was a bad race-car driving pun, you should check out The Bachelor sometime.)

And things only became more difficult when the final three teams traveled to San Francisco, where their kayaking and bridge-climbing skills were put to the test — not to mention their patience, as several players lost their cool and snapped at their well-meaning teammates.

Following a cookie-making challenge — which was not as fun as it sounds — the teams had to run all over a military ship, collecting pieces to build a damn airplane that would land on the Official Amazing Race Winners’ Mat™. Host Phil Keoghan wasn’t kidding when he warned that this would be the most challenging physical and mental challenge yet.

In the end, it was Team Big Brother that finished first, making Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf the winners of The Amazing Race Season 30. Your thoughts on those results? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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