iZombie Stars Tease Ravi's Fate, Liv vs. Major, Missing Cure Shocker and More

iZombie Spoilers

Liv will no doubt be hungry for brains when iZombie returns next week. But we’re hankering for answers to last June’s finale cliffhangers: Is Ravi undead? Are Liv and Major so over? Can Clive and Dale make it work?

Lucky for us — and you! — the cast tackled those burning questions and more when TVLine visited the show’s Vancouver set last November. Read on for scoop on Season 4, premiering next Monday, Feb. 26 at 9/8c on The CW.

iZombie SpoilersIS RAVI A ZOMBIE NOW? | You don’t think we’re really going to tell you whether the cure worked or not, do you? But star Rose McIver did offer up this teaser about the scratchy outcome: “There’s a lot of surprise in how things come about. It’s unlike what we’ve seen before. It allows for more humor.”

HOW IS CLIVE DEALING WITH HAVING AN UNDEAD GIRLFRIEND? | Human Clive and his zombie love are “trying to make an attempt [at a relationship],” Malcolm Goodwin said. But their situation “presents a lot of challenges,” with the “biggest” ones being intimacy — or the lack thereof — and “the fact that she has to eat brains.” Needless to say, the couple is going to have to “make some difficult decisions in the relationship that make things even more difficult.”

WHERE DO LIV AND MAJOR STAND? | Think of the exes as X-Men‘s Professor Xavier and Magneto, co-star Rahul Kohli suggested, in the sense that “there is a kinship there,” but “at the same time, there’s a conflict of interest in how they approach” the new zombie world order in Seattle. Being on opposite sides is “really challenging” for Liv and Major, McIver added. “They love each other dearly. There’s a world in which they could have been a great couple, and maybe, ultimately, [they] are able to get to that place. But right now, politics are very much in the way. … She doesn’t think his approach is the right approach, or that Fillmore-Graves is [right], and really struggles to respect him,” forcing her to “assume a healthy distance.”

Meanwhile, Major gets even more entrenched in Team Fillmore-Graves as he takes charge of his own unit and starts mentoring young zombies. “Chase Graves asks Major, ‘Hey, we have some at-risk youth within the city. Would you be willing to talk to them?'” Robert Buckley described. “It’s very smart, because that’s what Major used to do, and Major is very enthusiastic, thinking, ‘Holy crap, this was my calling, and now I can combine my old love with my new love.'” As a result of his rise in the ranks, Major also “gets closer with Chase Graves, so you start to see an unlikely relationship start there.”

iZombie SpoilersHOW DOES BLAINE FIT INTO NEW SEATTLE? | Ever the entrepreneur, Blaine has turned his funeral home Shady Plots into a fine-dining “cemetery-to-table” restaurant called Romero’s, which “feeds the one-percenters,” David Anders shared. “But he’s still got The Scratching Post, too. He’s got his mitts in a lot of different rackets” as “the king of the underworld.”

WHO STOLE THE CURE? | Executive producer Rob Thomas previously promised that the mystery would be resolved at the beginning of Season 4, but Kohli cautioned that the answer doesn’t come as quickly as expected. As for his reaction to the eventual bandit reveal, “I didn’t see it coming,” the actor admitted. “It fits so well, I feel stupid that I was shocked, but I was shocked.”