Silicon Valley Trailer: Pied Piper Grows (Too?) Fast in the Post-T.J. Miller Era

Five seasons in, Pied Piper is finally taking off… and CEO Richard Hendricks is still a nervous wreck.

HBO has released the official trailer for Silicon Valley‘s fifth season — which debuts Sunday, March 25 at 10/9c — and even though Richard’s tech start-up is clearly thriving and hiring 50 new engineers, he’s a mess: We see him in a hospital bed, recovering from being knocked out cold for six hours. (His usual doctor, played by Andy Daly, tries to prank him into thinking he was out for four years, though.)

Original employees Dinesh and Gilfoyle don’t love seeing all the new faces around; in fact, they blame Richard for letting them screw around so much that he needed to hire more people. (Dinesh, in particular, has an aversion to the newbies bringing their dogs to work.) Conspicuously absent from the trailer: T.J. Miller’s pothead entrepreneur Erlich Bachman, with Miller exiting the show after last season. We do see Erlich’s nemesis Jian Yang raising his hand to testify in court, though… so maybe he gets his revenge on Erlich and Pied Piper after all.

HBO also released a (perpetually buffering) Season 5 poster, which you can check out right here:

Silicon Valley Season 5 Poster HBO

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Silicon Valley‘s new season, and then hit the comments: Does the Pied Piper gang feel complete without Erlich around?    

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