Legends Recap: Is It Too Late Now to Save Zari? Plus, [Spoiler] Shows Up!

Legends Tomorrow Recap Time Loop

Legends of Tomorrow‘s Zari this week learned some important lessons — though she perhaps wasn’t thrilled with the manner of instruction.

Upon the team’s return from a disco-themed mission that we sadly didn’t get to see, Sara railed at Zari for frying Gideon, by trying to run a high-powered simulation program that would seek out any “time loopholes” that might allow her to save her brother. After getting chewed out by the captain, Zari went to fix the ship, only to be interrupted by an explosion that blew the Waverider to bits… and then plopped Zari back on the bridge, alive, in the middle of her earlier quarrel with Sara.

By her eighth time around this Groundhog Day scenario, Zari learns from Nate that the key to making him, at least, understand what she is experiencing is naming the aforementioned Bill Murray film. And for the next half-dozen trips through this time loop, Nate helps her collect intel on who/what might have been responsible for the explosion — learning a lotta things about her crewmates along the way. Namely, Mick is writing a sci-fi romance novel; Nate and Amaya use the flash gun to erase awkward memories of hooking up mid-mission; Ray is keeping a dark secret from Sara; and the captain herself is being crushed on, hard, by Ava Sharpe.

After exhausting all options — including The Fun Montage! — Zari is about to give up on surviving this very bad, horrible day when Sara says that she believes her story, and with the team’s help they find one factor not accounted for: time dweeb Gary, who has been stuck in the trash compactor after a bad portalling. Alas, Mick stomps on the gizmo Gary had with him to cause the loop, leaving the team just five minutes to stop the explosion, which they don’t. Instead, Zari uses her totem power to absorb the explosion, sacrificing her life — but not before sharing special words with each team member. (But not Gary.)

Zari would not perish, though. Instead, she found herself back on the bridge, alone, where a corporeal Gideon explained that Zari actually landed in the med bay after getting splattered with “time sludge” in the course of fixing the ship the first time around. Gideon then uploaded Zari’s consciousness and subjected her to the time loop, so that she would grow closer to the team and decide to stick around — since she will be needed to defeat Mallus, and because with her in the mix, there may be a way to save her brother.

Coming to in the med bay, Zari has a hard time convincing Sara and Ray of what Gideon put her through, until she invites Ray to come clean about Constantine’s warning about Sara being possessed by Mallus. Later meeting with team members separately, Zari urges Nate and Amaya to work out and not hide from their “stuff” (though in doing so nudges them to use the flash gun for that very reason!); offers a rewrite for the ending of Mick’s novel; and suggests that gun-shy Sara ask out Ava, since “love is worth the risk.” Zari then proves to herself that she did experience the time loop, and it wasn’t but a sedative-induced dream, by playing the violin she had taught herself on.

We then cut to China, where The Flash speedster Wally West (played by new Legends series regular Keiynan Lonsdale) has a zen meditation retreat crashed by one Rip Hunter, who explains that he is “trying to save the universe — and I need your help.”

What did you think of “Here I Go Again” aka TV’s latest riff on the Groundhog Day formula?

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