Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Was That the 'Classiest' Eviction of the Season?

Celebrity Big Brother Recap

With Ross Mathews and Brandi Glanville sitting pretty on the chopping block, Monday’s Celebrity Big Brother found Omarosa proceeding to the second phase of her plan to DE-STROY ALL HU-MANS.

For example, remember that not-so-subtle wink she shot at Marissa Jaret Winokur after nominating Ross and Brandi? It turns out its sole purpose was to plant seeds of doubt in Marissa’s teammates — which worked immediately. Heading into this week’s veto challenge, Marissa noted that it was basically every houseguest for themselves.

Monday’s challenge was a six-way melee between Brandi, Marissa, Metta World Peace, Ross, Omarosa and Mark McGrath, with the winner receiving the viewer-chosen VIP Veto, allowing for two potential vetoes. And much to Lady O’s dismay, Ross emerged as the winner, gaining the ability to overturn two nominations (i.e. himself and Brandi) should he choose to do so.

As expected, Ross chose to veto his own nomination, prompting Omarosa to replace him with Metta “because he wants to leave.” When asked if he would like to use his second veto on either Metta or Brandi, Ross graciously declined. This was actually a brilliant move on Ross’ part, since it was pretty obvious that most of the houseguests were going to evict Metta; even Brandi announced, “I just want to say… Thank you, Metta, for wanting to go home.”

Much to the surprise of absolutely no one, everyone voted to evict Metta, finally giving him the one thing he’s wanted since his first week in the house.

Metta shed “tears of joy” during his post-eviction chat with host Julie Chen, explaining that he “built a bond like brothers and sisters” with his fellow houseguests. And even though he only had six days left in the competition, he said, “I can’t live away from my family for another day.” He may no longer be in the competition, but Metta will always be Head of House in my heart.

And I agree with the remaining houseguests. It wasn’t their usual routine, but they handled this situation in the “classiest” way possible.

Also worth discussing…

* Omarosa has served up some headline-worthy soundbites about her time in the White House… but if her latest “reveal” is any indication, she’s running out of good stories. When asked to explain why Anthony Scaramucci’s brief tenure in the Trump administration was among the highlights of her experience, she simply said, “Let’s just say it was surreal.” I’m ready for her to go now.

* Speaking of tired storylines, can Ariadna’s message to Steve Harvey (“I love you, Steve!”) be the absolute last time we ever speak of Harvey’s infamous Miss Universe flub? It’s been three years, people.

Your thoughts on Monday’s eviction? Predictions for the remainder of the game? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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